8 Fun Activities to Do on Father’s Day

Flight of beers

Have you been searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift only to feel as if something is missing? Sure, your dad appreciates getting presents from you. But sometimes, giving him the gift of your time is what he prefers! Here are some ideas for things to do with Dad this year on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Activities

Go Fishing

Did you enjoy going fishing with your dad when you were a kid? If so, this is the perfect thing to do on Father’s Day! It gives you both a chance to relive the past while making new memories.

Try New Beers

If your dad is a beer drinker, he’d probably love to join you for a beer tasting. This is an excellent opportunity to try a new brewery or to attend a beer event together. Follow that up by treating him at his favorite restaurant, and you’ll have the perfect day!

Go Camping

Camping is a perfect Father’s Day activity for dads who like the outdoors. The nice thing about camping is that it can be a great way to relax and unwind. You can spend the weekend hiking, fishing, and enjoying simple meals cooked over the campfire. If your dad likes the seacoast better than the forest, there are plenty of campgrounds in most coastal areas.

Enjoy a Day of Golfing

Golfing is an excellent outing for Father’s Day, especially if he loves the sport! Instead of going to his regular golf club, take him somewhere special. Is there a course that he’s always wanted to try? If so, taking him there is the perfect activity.

Go to a Game

Scoring your dad tickets to see his favorite team is a perfect gift if he’s a big sports fan. You can even try to find tickets for a game on Father’s Day! Although, if he loves a sport like a football, you’ll need to wait for the season to begin before you can take him to a game. However, it’s possible to get the tickets well in advance.

Pamper Him

Dads love to be spoiled. Though “spa days” has a reputation of being something women enjoy, some dads would love a spa day too! If your dad could use a break, consider taking him to a spa for Father’s Day. Dad loves things like massages sitting in a sauna or steam room; he may even enjoy a good pedicure.

Look at Cars

Does your dad love cars? If so, taking him to a car show for Father’s Day will be a fun activity to do together! Sharing a favorite hobby with your dad will make the day feel extra special.

Treat Him to Dinner

Treating your dad to dinner is also a wonderful thing to do with him on Father’s Day. If he has a favorite restaurant, it makes your job even easier! Plan a day with dad packed with activities. For example, you can take him out to dinner after bringing him to a local car show.

Participating in one (or more!) of these activities on Father’s Day will make the day extra special for Dad!

Send Him a Gift Basket

Can’t be with dad on his special day? Let him know you love him by sending him a Father’s Day gift basket!


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