5 Ways To Use Leftover Popcorn

5 Ways To Use Leftover Popcorn
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As good as it may be, a whole bag of popcorn can sometimes be too much for one person…or even a few people. But that doesn’t mean that you should let your leftovers go to waste. Instead of putting your popcorn in the trash, make good use of it by employing some of these ideas:

  •  Pack It Up

Whether you’re going green or just don’t have Styrofoam peanuts lying around, popcorn can help. It makes a great packing material. Think about it: is it really that much different than packing peanuts? It’s soft on the stuff you’re shipping, but tough enough to withstand the journey.

  • Deck the Halls

If it’s around December, using popcorn in your decorations is a no brainer. Round up some cranberries, string, and a blunt needle to make a popcorn garland. Popcorn wreaths are another great idea. And even if you’re not decorating for the holidays, you can still use garlands and wreaths. If you want to make them a little more festive, try dying the popcorn with food coloring or tempera paints. Wreaths and garlands are a great festive look all year round and can look adorable around your home during birthdays, holidays, and parties.

  • Work of Art

A great medium for all ages? You bet. Popcorn is fun to work with, especially for children because it’s fun. Plus, it’s easy for little ones to grip and if they put it in their mouth (which they tend to do with everything) it’s okay, after all, it’s only popcorn. Try making crafts that pertain to the year, season, or their favorite animals. If it’s during the winter, use popcorn on paper to create a snow scene. If they really like lions, nothing makes a fluffy mane like some left over popcorn. You can dye it or let them paint right on the popcorn to get a different effect.

  • Recipes for Greatness

Just because your popcorn is a few days old doesn’t mean you can’t still eat it…though depending on how you were storing it, it may need a little revamping. Lucky for you, there are tons of really great recipes for left over popcorn. Make a delicious snack by combining popcorn, marshmallows, and caramel together and work it into a ball. Don’t want to clean up sticky hands? Make a trail mix with your left over popcorn instead. Just add nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, and your popcorn together to make a delicious snack.

  • For the Birds

You know who else likes popcorn? Critters. Whether you leave a garland in a tree, sprinkle popcorn on the ground, or take it with you to the park, some lucky animal will enjoy it. If you’re holding this feast in your backyard, great…just be careful where you seat your guests. You don’t want to get birds and rodents in your living room.

Bottom line: don’t throw out old popcorn. As with all things, a little creativity and innovation can turn your trash into useful things. By reusing old popcorn, you can save time, money, and hopefully have a little fun in the process.

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