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Being away from home can be tough on a kid and that's why it's great to show that you care with one of our Camp Care Packages. With our care packages your child will be able to have oodles of fun alone or with friends, and you can ensure that they are keeping good hygiene too! With everything from a toothbrush & paste and a journal, to temporary tattoos, bracelets, cards and air missles, you child will be entertained. Give the gift that shows you care with this unique care package for camp.

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Deluxe Camp Essentials Camp Care Package

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What's Inside?
· Easy to Grip Medium Toothbrush by Colgate - It's always better to have multiple toothbrushes than none at all!
· Junior Bubble Fruit Toothpaste by Colgate - 2.7 oz. – A deliciously fruit paste to ensure that brushing your teeth is fun!
· Journal (60 pages) with Foamies Cover and Spiral Binding - 6" x 9" - Assorted Colors – A journal to document experiences and even write a letter home.
· Bendable PVC Pencil - 12.5" long – A fun bendable pencil to use with the journal.
· Pencil Sharpener – Of course all pencils need to come along with a sharpener!
· Flashlight – So as not to lose your way in the dark.
· 2 AA Batteries by Duracell – To keep you flashlight powered.
· Sudoku Puzzle Books – A challenging game to play alone or with a friends help.
· Standard Playing Cards – For those rainy days in which your kid has to stay inside, cards come in handy.
· Memo Board - Half Dry Erase, Half Cork Board - 11 1/4" x 8 1/2" – A board that no only lets you post pictures and other fun things but also lets you write messages with your fellow campers.
· Instant Hand Sanitizer - 2 oz. – As a precautionary measure because no kid likes being sick, especially when away from home.
· Pocket Tissues - 1 pack – A convenient thing to have, whether they are stored under the pillow or in the pocket.
· Rainbow Yo-Yo - 2" – A American tradition, the Yo-Yo lives on.
· Pet Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets - 12 pack - This 1980's classic has returned and is bigger than ever. Your kid will be the hippest at camp with these bracelets.
· G2Air Flying Disc - Assorted Colors - It's similar to a frisbee yet looks much cooler.
· Camp Kids' Activity Book by Education Outdoors - 48 pages - Yet another activity for those rainy days.
· Wind Raiders Air Missiles - A fun game for your favorite camper and a friend to enjoy, and they're brightly colored so they will always be able to be found.
· Scribble Pad of Paper - 56 Sheets - 9" x 12" - When something isn't serious enough for the journal, the scribble pad can be used.
· Fine Point Washable Markers - 12 Piece Set - Washable markers to be used with the scribble pad or even in the journal.
· Temporary Tattoos - All kids love temporary tattoos. It allows them to be edgy without getting in touble!
· Puzzle Shapes - Assorted Games - Puzzle shapes can be enjoyed alone or with friends and are good for those days that are too hot to be outdoors.
· Ookie Ball - Similar to a Koosh ball, the Ookie ball is a fun one to toss around with friends and is a perfect addition to the camp care package.
· Wind Raiders Foam Sling Shooter - A great toy that can be enjoyed with all their friends.
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