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Spooky Eyes Popcorn Tin (7242)
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Party Snack Tin (7151)
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Roll Out the Red Carpet Gift Basket (5006)
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28 items found

Great Popcorn Gourmet Style

We all l-o-v-e movie popcorn, but no longer is it just a film night side-kick. Sure, it’s still great to munch on while you’re keeping up with pop culture, but we’ve given this snack one heck of a makeover and you’ll find that your favorite snack is now not just tastier, but way more versatile. We here at GourmetGiftBaskets.com are giant popcorn connoisseurs – make no mistake about it. We’ve tried hundreds of batches of seasoned popcorn and, through trial and error, have created a line of popcorn tins that we’re really proud of that are great for tons of occasions. Don’t know what to send for a gift? Ahem… one of our best popcorn gift baskets. They’re perfect for a teacher’s desk, showers, as birthday gifts, to say “thank you,” – you name the time and our popcorn gifts are a stellar choice. Plus, our popcorn tins go seamlessly with many of our other products, like our beer and wine baskets, so you can send them the makings for a night that they’re sure to remember. Everyone loves being thought of, and with our flavored popcorn, you can find the perfect popcorn gift for them. We’ve got tons of flavors that are almost as unique as they are. Delicious, fun, and elegant, our perfect gourmet popcorn is nothing less than the best. And while you’re at it, you might also want to check out our hit Beer Gift Baskets or Wine Gift Baskets to put an added touch onto your popcorn theme.

Perfect Pop for Anytime

But our popcorn tin gifts are a stellar choice for your own occasions too. Stop stressing out about what snacks you’re going to lay out for your next get together (we’re super helpful with this sort of thing). We’ve got chocolate popcorn, cheese popcorn, candy popcorn – anything you could ever dream of wanting in popcorn, popcorn. Perfect at games, book clubs, and cocktail parties, a popcorn gift tin ensures that you’re not putting out the same old something. Go ahead and be creative – we sure are. We’ve come up with some crazy sweet popcorn flavors – like those inspired by our other Coffee and Chocolate Gift Baskets that are known to awe. And (the sweetest part) don’t worry about the dishes. Our fancy popcorn tin doesn’t need to be dressed up. So, relax and try and have a good time at your party.

Basically, We’re Awesome

We’re not really ones to brag, but our Gourmet Gift Baskets are so good that they’ve been featured in a bazillion major gourmet publications and on programs like Good Morning with Mike and Juliet and The Dr. Phil Show. Our popcorn is just that good. Plus, a popcorn gift basket from us can be loaded with a variety of flavors like our savory popcorn, drizzled popcorn, and caramel popcorn, so no matter where your gift is headed, it’s sure to be devoured quickly (in our studies, a tin usually lasts about 5 minutes). We recommend that you order accordingly.