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Christmas Gift Baskets


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Say so-long to stressful holiday shopping! Whether you’re looking for something to send to a friend or an entire family, our Christmas gift baskets are a great choice because they’re filled with the wintry tastes everyone craves, like smooth caramel and slow-melting chocolates.
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112 items found
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We’ve Got Presents Under Wraps

You’re in the right place to start spreading all that warm, fuzzy holiday cheer! Instead of spending your time shopping at the mall, dodging kiosk employees and crowds of shoppers, you could find even better Christmas food gifts right from your home with our stellar collection of handcrafted products.

  • While we love a good holiday jingle, we’re going to leave the singing to our basket elves and spread cheer with our Christmas baskets. With artisan chocolates, decadent baked goods, and fine wines, any of our festive arrangements will make this year the merriest yet!

  • Hit a homerun with one of our officially licensed MLB corporate Christmas gifts that have all the merchandise that they’ve been writing Santa about. And, to help them enjoy the game even more, we have beer buckets made of the tastiest brews from around the world and all the snacks that accompany them.

Our breakfast gift baskets for Christmas are stocked with peppered bacon, orchard fresh fruits, and gourmet pancake mixes making the most exciting morning of the year even better…and giving them the stamina to unwrap all the presents.

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