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No Need to Search the Aisles

While we’d all love to make it to everyone’s wedding, sometimes it’s just not happening. People move away, get hitched mid-week, and choose holiday weekends to exchange vows – and we don’t all have the kinds of schedules that allow time off on the fly. That doesn’t mean we don’t think their day isn’t special, it’s just not always possible for us to make it there. (Life happens, you know?) But while you can’t be there to hear them say “I do,” you can still send your sentiments without finding the time to go store to store. That’s why we created our elegant wedding gift baskets. Stocked with decadent indulgences, our wedding baskets offer the perfect way for you to be part of their day without actually being there.

Save the Date

Just like the actual ceremony, we understand that your attendance at other wedding-related events isn’t always guaranteed. But with our top bridal shower gifts of artisan chocolates and fine wines, you can be sure that your well wishes will still be conveyed. Plus, as with all of our products, you can choose exactly when you want to send one of our wedding shower gifts, so even if you can be there on the date, you can still save it.

Toast Time

Champagnes are always a good way to kick off celebrations. And since, you know, weddings are probably the most special of all special occasions, we chose only the most exclusive champagnes to be part of our wedding gift baskets for the bride and groom.