6 Labor Day Staycation Ideas

Have you decided to stay home this Labor Day weekend? This year more than ever, many of us will be staying home or not traveling too far from home due to the pandemic. Even though sticking close to home may not be our first choice, That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! There are plenty of things to do, even if you don’t go away. Here are 6 Labor Day Staycation Ideas:

Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

One of the fun things about going away for the weekend is exploring a new place. If you’re not going away over the long weekend, why not treat your hometown like a tourist destination? Learn about the history of your town by visiting local landmarks and museums. Your town is a lot more than just a place to sleep and run errands!

Visit a Local Park

You probably don’t need to go far in order to enjoy nature. If you’re unsure of what’s around you, this is the perfect time to find out. You might have a beautiful state or national park near you! Spend the day hiking, go swimming, or enjoy outdoor sports such as kayaking or canoeing. You can also bring your own lunch for a picnic!

Go to the Movies

If the weather during Labor Day weekend is less than perfect, that doesn’t mean your “staycation” is doomed. Indoor activities can also be outdoor activities, such as going to drive-in movies! Many top movies are often shown at these theaters, and September is also a big month for new movie releases. Make it even more of a vacation day by going out to dinner before or after the movie so that you don’t need to cook. Or better yet, enjoy a meal in your car while watching the movie!

Visit Your Favorite Spa

When was the last time you truly pampered yourself? If your idea of the perfect mini-break is to kick back and relax at a top spa, you might not need to go far to do it. Booking an appointment at your favorite local spa is a great way to spend one of your vacation days! Many spas have package deals, too, so you can spend the whole day there getting treatments without breaking the bank. With so many in the spa industry suffering financially from the COVID virus pandemic, this is a great way to support a local business. Since spas are currently adhering to strict social distancing policies, it’s best to book as early as possible since they may have to limit the number of clients allowed in the spa at the same time.

Read a Book

Most of us are so busy during the workweek that it can be difficult to find the time to engage in simple pleasures, such as reading a good book. Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to get caught up on all that reading you’d like to do! In order to truly enjoy your reading session, you might want to turn off your phone’s ringer so that you aren’t interrupted.

Host a Game Night

A long weekend is a perfect time to host a game night! Choose your favorite games, buy some snacks, and invite your friends and family over for a backyard night of socially distant friendly competition. Have a variety of games on hand so that guests can pick their favorites. Instead of board games or trivia, you could also play card games, such as poker and blackjack.

You don’t need to go far in order to relax. It’s possible to have a worthwhile vacation without traveling at all!

Don’t Forget The Snacks

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