GGB Attends the Fancy Food Show and the International Gift Fair

We have been busy this summer, attending the NY International Fancy Food Show and International Gift Fair! Each time I would pick up Jill and Tammy (before sunrise!) for our NY Trips, it would be like  “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles”; even though we never even got on a plane.  I am just thankful that Tammy drove, so Jill and I could review notes. What is the most important thing to remember when packing for a Food or Gift Show? Only bring what you can carry!

Bring What You Can Carry

NY International Fancy Food Show

Do you have a sweet tooth? What about fruits, nuts, and toffees all dipped in dreamy chocolate – who could ask for anything more? Then we say lookout to all chocolate aficionados as Marich is right up your alley!


Would you like to try the crispest, freshest peanuts around? Then you are in luck because carries Feridies Peanuts. These peanuts are featured in all of our snack, Christmas, Hanukkah holiday gift baskets.


We have tasted many so look no further – we have found the best caramel sauce ever! We have included it in our fruit and ice cream gift baskets which feature Sofi Gold Winner King’s Cupboard Cream Caramel Sauce.


NY International Gift Fair

It was obvious as we entered the NY Gift show that Eco-Friendly was a strong theme throughout the many exhibitors. We saw many new vendors featuring reusable tote bags made of fabrics that went all the way from candy and gum wrappers, the seat belt material, soda pull tops, PVC strapping, nylon, oilcloth, and many recycled materials. These trends have been very strong in Europe for many years and had quite an influence at the NY Gift Fair.

The most stylish use was from eco-chic with the use of pull tabs made into bags and clothing. Taisia Mungia was modeling a top right there at the booth. In fact, recently Steven Tyler from Aerosmith bought a long coat for his upcoming tour. Where do they get the pull tabs? They get donations from local bars and from people all over town; even their bank has a bag of tabs waiting when they do their banking!

Taisia-Mungia-modeling-top Jill-wearing-Ecochicc Walleska-Ecochicc-bag

In our opinion, kudos for the “Best Sales Person of the Show” goes to Nicole from Melissa & Doug. Nicole knew all the features and prices of all the products on display in their booth. She even demonstrated how the airline-approved carry-on would support up to 250 lbs. It was easy to push or pull and perfect to sit on when you could not find a seat. The best feature was it even had a saddle – now that’s true kid imagination!


If you happen to have 50 empty bottles of Veuve hanging around, we found the perfect chandelier for you! Or maybe you are a wine drinker, then here is another chandelier that will be perfect for all those empty wine bottles hanging around. Love the idea but don’t have enough bottles? Then get going….relax and have a glass of wine…. Just remember to save the bottles!


That’s it for now….until our next shopping trip.

Trudy Abood – Vice President of