15 Different Easter Traditions to Try This Year

Easter Traditions

Easter, a time of renewal and joy, is steeped in a rich tapestry of traditions that bring families together and create lasting memories. From the whimsical hunt for painted Easter eggs to the spiritual reflection of the season, these customs not only enhance the holiday experience but also foster deep family bonds. Here, we’ll guide you through 12 diverse and meaningful Easter day traditions suitable for various family dynamics and preferences, ensuring that everyone finds a new and enriching way to celebrate this Easter Sunday. Whether you’re looking to start new traditions or give a fresh twist to the old, these ideas will add depth and joy to your Easter celebration.

Creative Easter Activities for the Family

Easter is the perfect time to engage in creative activities that not only celebrate the season but also bring the family together in fun and meaningful ways. These provide opportunities for family members of all ages to collaborate, learn, and create lasting memories.

#1 Planting an Easter Garden

Symbolic Selection

Choose spring flowers like lilies or daffodils that symbolize new beginnings and the essence of Easter. This activity not only beautifies your home but also serves as a metaphor for growth and new life.

Family Involvement

Involve the whole family in planting, making it a shared activity that teaches about growth and renewal. It’s a wonderful way to spend time together outdoors, nurturing nature and family bonds.

#2 Decorating an Easter Egg Tree

Crafting Together

Gather branches and paint them, then hang decorated eggs, creating a unique Easter egg tree. This becomes a central piece of your Easter decor, showcasing your family’s creativity.

Personal Touch

Encourage each family member to contribute their own decorated egg, adding a personal touch to the Easter tree. This activity allows for individual expression within a collective project, making it a special family keepsake.

Reflective and Spiritual Easter Practices

Easter is a time of joyous celebration and an opportunity for reflection and spiritual growth. These practices, deeply rooted in the essence of the holiday, offer a chance to connect with the profound meanings of Easter and engage in traditions that enrich the soul.

#3 Journeying Through Easter with Scripture

Daily Readings

Incorporate scripture reading into the Easter weekend, selecting passages that reflect the season’s themes. This practice can become a daily ritual, bringing a deeper understanding of the holiday’s meaning.

Family Discussions

Use these readings as a basis for family discussions, enhancing the spiritual aspect of the holiday. It’s an opportunity for family members to share their thoughts and learn from each other.

#4 Observing Lent

Understanding Lent

Discuss the significance of Lent and its role in preparing for Easter. This period of reflection and sacrifice can be a powerful time for spiritual growth and introspection.

Family Commitments

Encourage each family member to observe Lent in their own way, whether through an Easter procession, fasting, prayer, or acts of kindness. This can include giving up a favorite treat or dedicating time to volunteer work.

Easter Traditions for Togetherness

Easter naturally brings families together, fostering a sense of unity and shared joy. Embracing traditions that focus on togetherness not only enhances the festive spirit of the holiday but also strengthens the bonds within the family. These traditions are not only a way how to celebrate Easter but also an opportunity to create cherished memories and celebrate the holiday in a way that brings everyone closer.

#5 Hosting a Family Easter Meal

Planning the Menu

Share ideas for organizing a memorable Easter brunch or Easter dinner, including traditional recipes. This meal can become the centerpiece of your Easter celebration, bringing everyone together around the table.

Decorating Tips

Offer decoration tips to create a festive atmosphere, such as floral centerpieces or pastel table settings. A beautifully set table enhances the festive mood and makes the Easter feast even more special.

#6 Baking Easter Treats

Fun Recipes

Offer recipes for Easter-themed baking, like bunny-shaped cookies or hot cross buns. Baking together is a delightful way to spend time as a family, filled with laughter and sweet aromas.

Decoration Ideas

Provide ideas for decorating these treats, making the baking process as enjoyable as the eating. Let everyone’s creativity shine through with colorful icings, sprinkles, and edible decorations.

Fun and Engaging Easter Games

#7 Easter Egg Decorating Competition

  • Organizing the Event: Outline how to organize an egg decorating competition, providing a fun experience for all ages. This can highlight your Easter celebrations, sparking friendly rivalry and creativity.
  • Creative Categories: Include categories like ‘Most Creative’ or ‘Best Use of Color’ to encourage a variety of designs. Prizes or certificates for the winners add an extra element of excitement to the Easter decorations competition.

#8 Egg Relay Race and Shell Crack Game

  • Egg Relay Race: Describe how to set up an egg relay race, offering a way to engage in friendly competition. This game is perfect for burning off some energy and can be played outdoors if the weather permits.
  • Shell Crack Game: Explain the rules of the Shell Crack Game, a playful activity that brings laughter and joy. It’s a simple yet entertaining game that can be enjoyed by participants of all ages.

Unique Easter Traditions to Start This Year

Embracing unique and creative customs adds excitement to the holiday and allows you to tailor the celebration to your family’s interests and dynamics. Whether it’s a whimsical scavenger hunt or planting a magical garden, these fresh and imaginative traditions will surely bring a new level of enchantment to your Easter festivities.

#9 Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

Setting Up the Hunt

Explain how to set up an Easter basket scavenger hunt, offering a twist to the traditional Easter morning. Hide the baskets in creative places and provide clues to make the hunt challenging and fun. Consider incorporating Gourmet Gift Baskets’ beautifully arranged Easter baskets as the ultimate find, adding a touch of elegance and surprise to your scavenger hunt.

Clue Ideas

Provide ideas for clues that lead to the hidden Easter baskets, adding excitement to the hunt. The clues can be riddles, puzzles, or simple directions wrapped in Easter candy, depending on the age of the participants. Each clue could hint not only at the basket’s location but also at the delightful treats and goodies that Gourmet Gift Baskets are known for.

#10 Planting a Jelly Bean Garden

Magical Concept

Share this whimsical idea where jellybeans ‘grow’ into lollipops, delighting younger family members. It’s a magical experience that sparks imagination and wonder in children.

Garden Setup

Offer tips on setting up the jelly bean garden, making it a magical experience for the kids. Plant the jellybeans the night before and replace them with lollipops overnight for a delightful surprise in the morning.

Community and Outreach During Easter

Easter provides a wonderful opportunity to extend the joy and spirit of the holiday beyond the confines of our homes and into the broader community. Engaging in outreach activities and community events during Easter not only spreads happiness but also fosters a sense of togetherness and goodwill among neighbors and residents.

#11 ‘Egging’ the Neighbors

Spreading Joy

Describe how to spread Easter joy in the neighborhood by leaving surprise Easter baskets at neighbors’ doors. This act of kindness is a wonderful way to connect with your community and spread Easter cheer.

Basket Ideas

Suggest items to include in the baskets, such as chocolate, homemade treats, or small Easter crafts. Personalize the baskets based on what you know about your neighbors to make them extra special. For those looking for a convenient yet delightful option, consider adding a selection from Gourmet Gift Baskets’ range of Easter baskets, which offer a variety of themed treats and goodies perfect for the occasion.

#12 Attending an Easter Parade

Community Spirit

Encourage participation in local Easter parades, fostering community spirit and enjoyment. Parades are a great way to celebrate the holiday in a larger community setting, often featuring colorful floats, music, and entertainment.

Family Involvement

Discuss ways the whole family can get involved, whether by attending or participating in the parade. Dressing up in Easter-themed costumes or helping build a float can be fun ways to get involved.

Embracing New and Old Easter Customs

Easter is rich with customs that have been cherished for generations, alongside the opportunity to create new traditions that resonate with modern families. This blend of old and new customs allows us to honor the past while also making the holiday relevant and exciting for today’s world.

#13 Buying New Easter Clothes

Tradition Origins

Discuss the tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter Sunday and its origins. This tradition is rooted in the idea of renewal and new beginnings, symbolized by fresh attire.

Modern Celebration

Offer ideas on how this tradition can be celebrated today, such as choosing spring outfits or coordinating family attire. It’s a great opportunity for family photos and creating lasting memories.

#14 Resurrection Eggs for Storytelling

Introduce the concept of resurrection eggs as an interactive way to tell the Easter story to children. Each egg contains a small object that represents a part of the Easter story, making it a tangible and engaging way to learn.

#15 Egg Preparation

Provide tips on creating your resurrection eggs, filling each with symbols of the Easter story. This can be a meaningful craft activity leading up to Easter, involving the whole family in the story’s reenactment.

Easter traditions play a crucial role in creating lasting memories and strengthening family bonds. Whether you’re drawn to the fun of an Easter egg hunt or the reflection of Lent, there’s an Eastern tradition here for everyone. We encourage you to adopt new traditions from this list or adapt them to suit your family’s unique style and preferences, making this Easter a truly special and memorable celebration. Embrace these traditions to deepen your Easter experience, creating moments that your family will cherish for years to come.