Corporate Gifting in the Insurance Industry

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Why Gift?

There are many important reasons for corporate gifting in the insurance industry. From thanking your policy holders for their business to recognizing employees for their outstanding work. However, the main reason seems to always stay the same. Maintaining relationships and deepening the personal connection between the giver and the recipient. The results of this relationship building activity can be essential to the success of your agency. In this article, we are going to go to explore how you can identify who to gift to, what to gift, when, and what to expect in return.

Who Should You Gift To?

The answer is simple! You should gift to any person that positively impacts your business and whom you wish to maintain a lasting business relationship with. A new policy holder, a loyal renewal client, a hard working employee, a business partner who sends you referrals, or a prospect. Let’s look into specific examples of when you can gift to each of these recipients.

What Should You Gift?

In order for gifts to accomplish the purpose you intend, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First of all, stay away from logo “swag” promoting your business. A logo gift says to the recipient, “Look at me and my company!” It certainly doesn’t make the recipient think you are thinking of them and their business personally. Instead of a logo item, what about sending them a gift personalized with their initials? An item that they can use daily in the office, such as a leather portfolio or a pen, will certainly leave a lasting impression. Second, always include a personalized message. Even if you are gifting to several different clients, be sure to personalize the message for each person. Lastly, choose a gourmet gift that can be shared. Perhaps a meat and cheese platter to go along with the personalized cutting board you picked out.

When Should You Gift?

You just gained the business of a very profitable client and want to show your gratitude. A valued client just renewed their car and homeowner insurance policies with you for another year. It’s Administrative Professionals Day and you want to recognize your office manager who is integral to your agencies day to day operations. Heidi, a mortgage officer at a local bank consistently sends her mortgage clients to purchase their policies through you and you’d like to show your appreciation for her referrals. You know of a large client who is unhappy with their current insurance provider and you have a lunch meeting planned with them. Bringing a gift could seal the deal on this opportunity.

What Can You Expect In Return?

Your new policy holder immediately feels valued and tells their friends about the excellent service they received from your agency. Your renewal client knows they made the right choice in renewing their policies with your agency again. They decide to add on a policy for their summer vacation home in Maine. Your office manager has a renewed sense of value and her positive attitude rubs off on others in the office, therefore boosting morale. Heidi continues to keep you top of mind as one of the best agents to send her loan customers to. Since you realize how important these referrals are, you can always thank Heidi by sending her referrals in return.

And that prospect? Your gift set you apart from the other agents they were considering doing business with and landed you the deal.


For more information on how to increase ROI through corporate gifting, contact Kayla Sue Roberts, Insurance Gifting Specialist at [email protected] or (603) 418-7444.


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