6 Unique Christmas Tree Themes

Do you envy your neighbor’s unique Christmas tree themes? Do you decorate your Christmas tree the same way every year? While there is nothing wrong with sticking with tradition, it can be fun to do something different. Here are some unique themes you can use to decorate your tree this year.


If you have a favorite movie, consider decorating your Christmas tree to pay tribute to it! It doesn’t necessarily need to be a Christmas movie, but it does help. For instance, if you love How the Grinch Stole Christmas, this movie is a perfect candidate for a fun Christmas tree decorating scheme.


Do you love wine and have an abundance of wine corks and labels that you saved? This year, turn each cork into a Christmas decoration! Wine labels, corks, and other wine-related decorations make for a perfect themed Christmas tree. Add some wine-colored ornaments and tinsel, and you have the perfect tree for wine lovers.


Have you gone on a family vacation recently? If so, it can be the theme of this year’s Christmas tree! Hang pictures from your trip, souvenirs that you may have brought home, and other items that remind you of your destination from the branches as ornaments. Finish the tree off with traditional Christmas decorations, such as lights and tinsel, to give it a traditional flare. This is a nice way to remind you of your trip and to share the memories with others who may not have been there.


What would happen if you saved all your soda cans for a year? Well, you’d have more than enough to decorate your Christmas tree! Set aside any cans that have a green or red tint, and you can make the tree look extra festive. When Christmas is over, just drop the cans off at your local recycling center – or save them for next year!


Toys are such a big part of your child’s Christmas memories – why not use some of them to decorate the tree? For instance, if your child loves a certain kind of doll, you can decorate the tree with the doll itself and accessories and clothes that were designed for that doll. Once Christmas is over, your child can keep all the new toys!


Do you love candy? If so, hanging all your favorites from the branches of your Christmas tree will make it a little sweeter this year! Just in case people start eating the ornaments, have some extra candy stashed away so that you can replenish it on the tree. If you’re hanging a lot of chocolate, be careful to avoid placing it near the Christmas lights, which can melt the chocolate.

While it’s certainly fun to decorate the tree using traditional decorations, such as Christmas lights, that’s not the only option you have. Consider using one of these unique Christmas tree themes this year to make your tree more unique! Once the tree is all set, it’s time to shop for Christmas gifts to put under the tree!


© Featured Photo by kandypix from iStockPhoto