Gourmet Gift Baskets Supplier Spotlight – Cabot Creamery


Our Midwestern customers might argue that Wisconsin makes the best cheddar cheese, but as proud New Englanders we know the best cheddar cheese really comes from Vermont! We are proud to source the cheese products in many of our gourmet gift baskets from the Cabot Creamery Cooperative, which was started by local dairy farmers in Cabot, Vermont back in 1919.


The original Cabot plant cost 94 local farmers $3,700 to create. Each farmer bought into the cooperative based on the number of cattle each owned on their own dairy farms ($5 per cow, plus a cord of wood to fuel the boiler). The cooperative started out making butter with the excess milk produced, and began shipping its products south. The goal was to help protect dairy farmers as the national economy shifted away from agriculture, and the Vermont economy was still largely based on dairy farming. By turning their excess milk into butter, individual dairy farmers earned a steady source of additional income and weren’t as reliant on the price of milk in order to keep their farms alive. In 1930 the cooperative started making the cheese products that GourmetGiftBaskets.com now carries. In fact, at that time cows outnumbered people in the local areas, 421,000 to 359,000. That’s a lot of milk to process! Sixty-five percent of the total Vermont farm income in 1930 came from the sale of dairy products, so expanding from milk and butter into cheese opened up a whole new profitable market for Vermont dairy farmers.

By 1960, the cooperative had 600 member farmers! Today they are a cooperative of 1,200 dairy farm families located throughout upstate New York and New England.

In 1989 the Cabot Creamery Cooperative took first place in the cheddar category at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest held in Green Bay, Wisconsin (told you Vermont has the best cheddar cheese)! Wine Spectator magazine listed Cabot cloth-bound cheddar as one of “100 great cheeses” of the world in 2008 and the Cabot Monterey Jack received an award from the American Cheese Society in the same year.

GourmetGiftBaskets.com carries Cabot cheese products in the following gift baskets:
Scrumptiously Delicious™ – Fruit Gift Basket
Season’s Sampler™ – Fruit Gift Basket
Bountiful Harvest™ – Fruit Gift Basket
Nature’s Picnic™ – Fruit Gift Basket
An Apple A Day™ – Fruit Gift Basket
Orchard’s Abundance™ – Fruit Gift Basket
Gourmet Harvest Gift Tower™
Estate Collection™ – Fruit Gift Basket

In addition to multiple cheddar cheese flavors and butter, Cabot also produces a wide range of Greek-style yogurts, dips, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and more! They even turn the leftover whey (which is separated out during the cheese making process) into powered whey protein that you can drink as a post-workout recovery drink or mix into baked goods to make them more nutritious.