Business Services – Building Relationships and ROI

Healthy Gift Basket with Corporate Logo Ribbon

The Importance of Renewal Business

Customers are like the foundation of your house, the main support that will keep your building intact and your family safe. Without a strong foundation, your house (or business) is at risk. Make sure you are taking proper care of what matters most. Consistent nurturing and maintenance are essential to a strong household and should be a focal point for every business when it comes to customer relations.

Studies have shown that one customer renewed is five to seven times more profitable than a new client. Think about all the time and costs associated with procuring a new customer. Now think of all the extra time you will have to focus on growing your business if you don’t have to replace the clients you lost. It’s a no brainer right?

Create Meaningful Connections

Cultivating business relationships doesn’t happen overnight. Reinforcing your outstanding service and products with consistent communication and signs of gratitude go a long way. Professional gifts are a great way to create the impression you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

Impress Clients with Corporate Gifting Solutions

Selecting the perfect gift for your client can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Industry experts at can help take the stress out of corporate gifting. Let us create the ultimate gift experience for you and your recipients. Gift baskets work on so many levels to achieve the message you want to portray. Select products that strike a personal accord with your client. Utilize branding to stay top of mind. Create an experience with food and visual recognition that they will not forget.

Memorable Corporate Gifting Ideas – Tip 1: Subtle Personalization

Are you looking to include your brand in a tasteful way without being too in your face? Personalizing ribbon with your logo or a special message is the perfect touch.  Picture your client receiving a beautiful gift basket all tied up in branded ribbon. There is no mistaking who that gift is from.

Memorable Corporate Gifting Ideas – Tip 2: Enduring Impressions

If you want to leave a lasting impression and constant reminder, brand products that your client will use. Working with our gift advisors and product development team will make the custom gift process effortless. We’ll make sure your branded gift looks phenomenal and creates the impact you’re looking for!

Build Trust, Build Business

There are so many benefits that come from a close relationship with your clients. The trust that what you build over the years will bring in referral business. It will also help you weather the storm should something go astray. Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by at least 25%. The attention and penny that you pay now will save you a dollar tomorrow. To put it bluntly: protect your existing customers.

For more tips on how to increase your ROI with gift giving, contact Brian DeAngelo, Business Services Gift Specialist at[email protected] or (603) 418-7463.