Be Memorable: The Art of the Business Gift

The 2019 KNACK Business Gift Satisfaction Report found that fewer than half of all business gift recipients say their last gift was “Very Memorable.” That’s astonishing! So how do we fix this? Gifting is only wasted if not properly executed. So let’s explore The Art of the Business gift and ensure your next recipient has a memorable experience.

Don’t Send Blind

Gift selection is important, and starts with knowing your audience. To effectively use gifting as a tool for any use case, you must put a little time into researching your intended recipients. For example, is it acceptable to send alcohol, or is there a budget constraint due to government regulations? Knowing the answers to these questions as well as others will help you narrow down the direction for the gifting initiative. You want to be memorable, but have to know what is accepted and above all, know what is not accepted in regards to gifts.

You Can Do It, Put Some Thought Into It

Some companies send gift cards to get meetings or show appreciation to employees. However, does a gift card show thought? It certainly shows lack of inspiration or care. BE MEMORABLE! For example, include the gift card with some local items to show thought and furthermore, make that impressive impression with the recipient.  Another memorable idea is to include a bottle of Wine or Champagne to say “Have dinner & drinks on me!” Harness the inner creativity to make every interaction and impression memorable to your recipient. The KNACK study also found that “Very Memorable” gifts are 40% more likely to include a personal message. That should be the simplest fix for any company who is gifting to prospect or cultivate client relationships. The personal message should be a non-negotiable.

Don’t Get Lost in Holiday Gifts

I do agree that sending for the Holiday’s to clients is very effective, as long as you observe the first two points of the blog. Getting lost in a sea of gifts during the holidays should never happen, but does when the gift lacks the “wow” factor or is not memorable.

Great news though, gifting does not have to be just a Holiday thing! For instance, some of my clients use industry appreciation weeks for their gifting campaign. They put thought into the campaign and we design something that is accepted and appropriate for the type of client they are sending too.

Another example is to make a big deal out of a “non-gifting” holiday like St. Patrick’s Day or the 4th of July. I have a client who sends their clients Cheesecake for their 4th of July cookouts! Talk about being memorable!

One last example is to simply say “Happy Summer” with a Spiked Seltzer Beer Bucket. This is a unique way to stand out and ensure a positive impression with your prospects, clients, employees or all three! The ideas are endless, I just hope this gets the creative juices flowing for you!

Properly Integrate Branded Items

Sending branded items as gifts is a great option, and when done right is very effective. Carefully thought out branded merchandise within a gift will be more memorable than just sending the branded item. Think about the last time you received a logoed coffee mug asking to meet for a cup of coffee? You probably thought, nice coffee mug… Maybe, but the chances are it just went into the mug rotation and no further pause for reflection was ignited. Use some creativity, send the branded mug with assorted coffees and some snacks that pair well together. It creates multiple memorable experiences when they use your coffee cup with the supplied coffee and snacks! Feel free to steal that idea!

Many companies waste money on cheaper branded items. In this instance the Corporate Branded Item is the center piece, and you should choose a well-made and durable product. These items can create lasting memorable impressions and should merit some thought and creativity.

Final Thoughts

  • Be creative, make memorable and lasting impressions
  • Think before you act, make sure you know your audience and know the intent of the gift
  • Have a plan, use and industry expert from GGB to bounce ideas off of! (This one is my favorite…)
  • Stand out, timing is everything. If you still want to send a Holiday Gift, consider Thanksgiving
  • Branded items can work, but quality & usefulness matters

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