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Mosey along the streets of Le Marais, check out da Vinci's most famed works, and grab a coffee at chic Cafe des 2 Moulins - it's all easily done with this beautiful gift. Comprised of the most authentic Parisian tastes, like slow-melting chocolate truffles, irresistibly smooth caramels, and vibrant Moet champagne, this sophisticated collection of authentic French delicacies allows for quick transport to the heart of the City of Lights.

· Moet & Chandon White Star Champagne - 750 ml - The most classic of all sparkling wines, this iconic bottle of Moet bursts with irresistibly smooth, vibrant champagne that finishes with an alluring crispness.
· L' Authentique Crepe Dentelle (in gold foil) by Gavottes - 4.4 oz. - Sweet, buttery crepes that are rolled into themselves, creating delicate layers of light, crisp biscuit cookie.
· Blanc & Noir Sesame Crackers by Wildly Delicious - 3.53 oz. - Delectable crackers composed of rustic bread that's baked flat and generously topped with both white and black sesame seeds.
· Orange Preserves by Les Confituriers de Haute-Provence - 12.3 oz - A blissful jam made with only the freshest, sweet oranges and pure cane sugar that are slow-cooked in a cauldron, in accordance with tradition.
· Chocolatier Truffles Fantaisie by Guyaux Chocolates - 2.8 oz. - Classic, irregularly shaped French truffles composed of rich, slow-melting ganache that's rolled in black, unsweetened cocoa.
· Almond Macaroons by Biscuits Fossier - 3.5 oz. - Exquisitely light, airy macaroons that are flavored with the sweet taste of creamy almonds, in keeping with a centuries-old tradition.
· (2) Marie Belle Aztec Hot Chocolate - 1 oz packets - Remarkably easy to prepare, these packets quickly create luxuriously thick, silky, European-style hot chocolate.
· Roquefort & Walnut Crackers by Biscuiterie de Provence – 2.3 oz. – Unbeatable, crisp crackers that flawlessly pair nutty walnuts with tangy Roquefort, for a unique combination of sweet and savory tastes.
· Cornichons in vinegar by Clovis - 370 ml - Small, tender gherkins that sit in a brine of vinegar and fresh herbs amongst pearl onions, giving them a elegant, sophisticated taste.
· Pork Pate Spread by Henaff - 3.10 oz. - Premium pork that's salted, cooked until incredibly tender, and blended with stock and spices for a savory, old-fashioned treat.
· Assorted Caramels by Paris Caramels - 3.75 oz. - Sinfully smooth, slow-melting French caramels that are made with coveted ingredients including Charentes-Poitou Butter and fleur de sel.
· Paris Tea by Harney & Sons - 1.4 oz. - A complex, medium bodied black tea with a bouquet similar to dark Earl Grey, but with hints of zesty lemon, creamy caramel, and sweet vanilla.
· All Flower Honey by Baudat - 250 g - All-natural, pure, unprocessed honey that's created deep in the French countryside in Buzançais.
· Pink Champagne Biscuits by Fossier - 3.5 oz - Bright, rose-hued biscuits that are known for their unique texture, sublime taste, and delicate dusting of sweet powdered sugar top.
· Noisette & Cacao by Noiseraie Production – 220 G - Famous in France for its unsurpassed taste, this creamy, organic hazelnut-cashew cocoa spread is perfect on toast, fruits, and crackers,
· Dijon Mustard by Clovis - 7.06 oz. - An authentic, vibrant Dijon with a high mustard seed content, resulting in a spread of remarkably powerful, tangy flavor.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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  December 23, 2014
I am a first time customer and I am very impressed with my experience w/ your business: 1) very efficient, prompt customer service including good telephone manners of your employees in troubleshooting questions and problems. 2) quality gift baskets 3)family owned. I might be a loyal customer pending future experiences w/ you. Thank you and happy holidays.
  April 26, 2014
I unreservedly recommend this gift basket company. My Friend's father passed away and I sent your Paris basket to time it a few days ahead of his memorial. He died swiftly and was on the youngish side of old. It was a shock to my friend. Here's the note of thanks she sent to me. I want to thank you for the exceptional quality of the basket as well. Vivian, I received your gift basket today, and I want you to know that it is the most beautiful and generous basket I have ever received. Tonight, my mom, my step-mom, and I shared the bottle of champagne together in a toast to my dad, and it was one of the most poignant evenings we have ever had together. My family is peculiar, so to share a champagne toast with “The Moms” and acknowledge the passing of my dad, who was the husband of them both, was a moment I will not forget. Tomorrow the entire clan will converge for an entire weekend-long wake to say goodbye to my dad, and I’m sure the whole basket of goodies will be finished by Sunday, so I really want to thank you. It is a lovely gift, and when I get home I’d like to get together with you to tell you about the last few weeks, in particular, how your gift promoted the blossoming of a very interesting and unlikely friendship between “The Moms”.
  March 03, 2013
I received this gift as a wedding present and it is delicious! The pink rose biscuits are so unique. I've never had cookies like that before. I wish I could buy these items in my grocery store, but that's what makes this gift special...most of the stuff is imported from France!
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Weekend In Paris - Gift Basket

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