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Tex-Mex Gift Baskets

A Match Made in Heaven

Sometimes when two things come together, something really great is formed. Example: James Cameron and a massive screenplay or hand-cut steaks and BBQ sauce. Sure, they seem like nothing special because we’re so used to them, but when two things of such magnitude unite, it’s a beautiful, harmonious event. And when the food from south of the border collided with the cuisine native to Texas, well, a combination that tops Bert and Ernie was formed: Tex-Mex food. If you couldn’t tell, we love this zesty food fusion of fiery spices and cool vegetables, which is why we created a line of southwest food baskets.

Beat The Heat

The Margarita is to Tex-Mex what Vodka is to Russia. That’s to say that the two are pretty much inseparable. Since you can’t have one without the other, we created margarita gift baskets with gourmet mixers that are made using the finest ingredients, ensuring that their margarita tastes just as authentic as the foods in our baskets.

Some Like it Hot

So, your cowboy loves to fire up the grill? Our Texas gift baskets have fiery rubs and marinades that are delicious on steak and fresh fish, and are the perfect gift for him to heat up a birthday or Father’s Day.