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Beanpod™ Candle Benefits
- 100% soybean wax-based candle
- Clean-burning and NO soot
- No wax residue on inside of jar
- Burns up to 30% longer
- Natural cotton wicks
- Unique and Fragrant Scents
- Environmentally friendly
- Reusable jars, easy-to-remove labels
- Minimizes the risk of allergies and asthma often triggered by paraffin candles
- Wax spills can be quickly cleaned with just soap and hot water
- Supports the American Soy Farmer in Iowa.

Available In:
Size - Burn Time
4.5 oz. Jar - Up to 40 hours
8 oz. Jar - Up to 85 hours
16 oz. Jar - Up to 150 hours
25 oz. Jar - Up to 180 hours

CLEANBURN™ technology promises that Beanpod Candles will burn clean, leaving no wax residue on the sides of the jar and no shadowy soot on the walls or ceilings.
TEMPACURE process gives bold, vivid hues with distinctive aromas designed to complement and accessorize all home, entertainment and mood (i.e. yoga, meditation, etc.) environments. Indulge in nature's wonders with fruits, berries and floral scents or delicious edibles from the kitchen.

We can only guarantee this specific brand of candle for local delivery only.

An Aromatic Beanpod™ Candle

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