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Arts & Crafts Care Package

 What is a Care Package?
  • $39.99
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Our arts and crafts care package will keep your creative kid entertained and enthralled! There is something for every hour of the day in this ideal care package designed to provide quiet and engaging activities alone or to share with friends. Included are such things as markers, pencil and sharpener, a mug to be decorated with velvet designs, spiral art, foam designs and so much more. This care package will be a welcome surprise for the artsy child in your life!

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What's Inside?

· Fine Point Washable Markers - 12 Piece Set – 12 colored markers that will brighten any day.
· Scribble Pad of Paper - 60 Sheets - 9" x 12" – A blank canvas waiting for doodles and drawings. This item has proven to be a favorite in our camp care packages.
· Pencil - This bendable pencil not only gets the trick done when it comes to writing, but it is also a toy at the same time.
· Pencil Sharpener – You'll find this essential item in any good care package for campers!
· Make Your Own Sticker Kit - Their amazing art work can be stuck on anything they choose with this easy to use kit.
· Lanyard Set - A colorful array of lanyards with which to weave and make fun jewelry.
· Swirl Art - Create your very own marbled paper with this travel size toy.
· Spiral Art - Create crazy shapes in all different sizes and colors with the spiral graph art kit.
· Scratch-a-Sketch - Although it appears to be black, scratch away at the surface and expose beautiful colors underneath.
· Magic Foam - Wet the pieces of foam and then craft away.  Once dry, it will stay in the position you created.
· Design-A-Mug Velvet - 3 Designs - This mug has three different velvet scenes that you can color in with markers to create your preferred landscape as you drink your beverage.
· Neon Scribble Slate - This colorful scribble pad makes writing that much more fun.
· Fuzzy Face Pocket Travel - Use the magnetic wand to make a funny face, shake to clear it and start again.


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