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Pamper her with luxurious indulgence with one of our Deluxe Spa Gift Baskets. These spa baskets are essentially a “spa in a box”, and include everything she’ll need to feel truly relaxed, refreshed, and, of course, appreciated. We’ve included a multitude of super-luxurious items including perfumed body powder, body butter, French cleansing soap, a drawer sachet, bubble bath, a body loofah, a cooling eye gel mask, a terry cloth bath pillow, cleansing gel, a dual sided body massager and brush, a back polisher, an exfoliating loofah hand mitt, a pumice foot brush, a wooden massage roller, hand therapy lotion, body cream lotion, exfoliating gloves, a wooden hair brush, terry cloth slippers, and a soy candle from Beadpod. For when she really deserves a treat, send her our one of our deluxe pampering spa baskets. She’ll never forget it!
What's Inside?
· Perfumed Body Powder in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 3 oz. - A delicate body powder with a refreshing floral, ocean breeze scent.
· Body Butter in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 5.25 oz. - A luxurious body moisturizer, perfect for bath & body gift baskets.
· French Milled Cleansing Soap in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 3.75 oz. - A french milled soap bar.
· Fragrant Drawer Sachet in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - .3 oz. - A refreshing sachet for her drawer.
· Bubble Bath in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 8 oz. - Bubble bath that will transcend her to seaside escape.
· Loofah Body Net by Pendergrass - For use in place of a wash cloth, this antibacterial body net creates an incredible lather with any of the soaps and washes that we’ve included in these spa gift baskets.
· Cooling Gel Eye Mask - A cooling gel mask that will soothe tired eyes.
· Terry Cloth Shell Shaped Bath Pillow by Pendergrass - Alert! Alert! This pillow is so comfortable, she might fall asleep for hours and emerge a wrinkly prune. Of course, she’ll be a relaxed, refreshed wrinkly prune.
· Hand & Shower Cleansing Gel in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 8 oz. - A light body gel perfect for refreshing the skin and the ultimate for spa gifts.
· Dual Sided Body Massager and Brush by Pendergrass - Massage and scrub with this high-quality product from Pendergrass.
· Loofah Back Polisher by Pendergrass - Just the right combination of soft and rough, she’ll keep this exfoliating tool for years.
· Exfoliating Cotton Loofah Hand Mitt by Pendergrass - A cotton waffle loofah mitt that fits over the hand to exfoliate skin.
· Pumice and Foot Brush by Pendergrass - Give a little love to her battered feet with this foot brush with pumice.
· The "Massage Car" - Wood Body Roller by Pendergrass - This wooden body roller will help her roll out all the stress and kinks. Or help you roll out all of her stress and kinks.
· Glycerine Hand Therapy Tub in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 8 oz. - A unique restorative hand cream that fits perfectly in our spa baskets.
· Silky Body Cream Lotion in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 8 oz. - Luxurious silken body lotion.
· Exfoliating Gloves - Exfoliating body gloves, perfect for refreshing the skin and a must for our spa gift baskets.
· Hair Brush with Wooden Pins by Pendergrass - This wood brush with wood pins will last for years.
· Terry Cloth Spa Slippers (Medium) by Pendergrass - Make sure she doesn’t have to put her newly pedicured feet into dingy, dirty old slippers! These cotton waffle spa slippers are cute, luxurious, and super-comfortable!
· Earthly Embrace Soy Candle by Soy Basics Beanpod Candles - 16 oz. - A calming blend of natural scents to soothe the soul.
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Deluxe Spa Gift Basket™

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