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Bring the spa to them with this gorgeous gift! Inside one of our signature handled baskets, we’ve artfully arranged an assortment of coveted products that are specially designed to soothe, relax, and revitalize. Complete with everything needed to be pampered, including a a cooling gel eye mask, soft terry cloth slippers, and an entire line of sea scented spa products, this thoughtful gift is guaranteed to help your recipient feel rejuvenated.

· Cool Gel Spa Eye Mask - A light-weight, soothing gel mask that's designed to relieve puffy and tired eyes.
· Exfoliating Bath Gloves
- Specially designed gloves that gently exfoliate to remove dead skin.
· Terry Cloth Slippers by Bath Essential
- Padded white spa slippers that are made out of irresistibly soft terry cloth.
· Wooden Pumice Brush by Bath Essential
- A wooden handled brush equipped with pumice that easily diminishes calluses.
· Shell Bath Pillow by Bath Essential -
A convenient shell-shaped pillow that's lined with terry cloth to provide maximum comfort while in the bath.
· Sea Sponge by Bath Essential
- A foam sea sponge that easily creates up a rich lather with the addition of soap.
· Earthly Embrace Soy Candle by Beanpod Soy Basics
- 16 oz. - A healthy soy wax candle infused with a nature-inspired botanical fragrance to relax and soothe.
· Glycerine Hand Therapy in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman
- 6 oz. - A unique restorative cream composed of almond oil, glycerine, Vitamin E, aloe vera, and botanical extracts.
· Silky Body Cream in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman
- 8 oz. - A non-greasy cream infused with herbal extracts to nourish the skin for a healthy glow.
· Perfumed Body Powder in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman
- 3 oz. - Perfect for warm weather, this body powder provides a hint of fragrance while softening the skin.
· Body Butter in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman
- 5.25 oz. - The perfect antidote to dry skin, this rich body butter contains extra moisturizing ingredients, like sweet almond oil and shea butter.
· French Milled Soap in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman
- 3.75 oz. - A creamy triple French milled bar created from natural oils and plant extracts.
· Fragrant Drawer Sachet in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman
- .3 oz. - Traditional drawer sachets infused with light sea-inspired scents.
· Bubble Bath in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman
- 8 oz. - A gentle formula that easily creates a lightly fragrant bubbles.
· Hand & Shower Cleansing Gel in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman
- 8 oz. - A cleansing shower gel packed with provitamins and botanical extracts to remove dirt without drying.
· Body Net
- A large sponge composed of soft mesh designed to easily exfoliate.
· Loofah Body Sponge
- A natural loofa sponge that quickly removes dead skin without irritation.
· Wooden Massage Roller by Pendergrass
- A wooden tool that's perfect for for loosening stressed muscles.
· Body Massage Brush by Pendergrass
- A sturdy body massage brush that's designed to relieve tense muscles and boost circulation.

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