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Nostalgic Candy Gift Crate

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Take a walk down memory lane with our Nostalgic Candy Gift Crate! This wooden crate of candy will take them back to the carefree summer days of riding bikes in the park, little league baseball, and hopscotch. The Nostalgic Candy Gift contains the sugary sensations that fueled their fondest memories, like: Blo Pops, Gobstoppers, Mike & Ikes, Kazoozles, Atomic Fireballs, Good & Plenty, and much more! C’mon, we’re sure you’re smiling as you read this description! So, send this nostalgic candy gift and send them the sweetest reminders of yesteryear.

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· (2) Charms Blo Pops - Assorted - The ORIGINAL Bubble Gum Filled Lollipop.
· Mike and Ike Original Fruits - 2.12 oz. - These sweet tart rope candies were a staple at the movies and the drive-in; remember the drive-in?
· Kazoozles by Wonka - 1.8 oz.  - Sweet, flavored sugar powder eaten with an edible candy stick.
· Candy Necklace by Smarties - Sweet candy that you can wear. Who doesn’t remember these?
· Good & Plenty by The Hershey Company - 6 oz. - Licorice candy coated in a candy shell.
· Everlasting Gobstopper by Wonka - 1.77 oz - A classic hard candy, and by hard, we mean really hard, as in, “don’t try to bite the gobstopper, or you’ll break your teeth!” Each layer dissolves to reveal a different colored (and sometimes different flavored) layer, before dissolving completely.
· Hot Tamales - The original gooey cinnamon candies!
· Ring Pop - A jewel shaped hard candy on top of a plastic ring individually over wrapped in a printed metalized fin sealed bag.
· Sour Patch Kids by Cadbury Adams Canada - 2 oz. - The best of both gummy world - sour and sweet.
· Starburst Original Fruit Chews - 2.07 oz - Bright and flavorful fruity chews.
· Tootsie Roll - Another classic, classic candy. Here’s some historical background, in 1896, Leo Hirschfield came to the US and started a making candy in a small shop, where he decided to make a chocolaty candy that wouldn’t melt in the heat. He invented the Tootsie roll, which he named after his daughter’s nickname, Tootsie. The rest is candy history!
· Bursting Berry Blo Pop by Charms - Bursting with mega berry flavor, this classic, sweet sucker wraps around a center of thick bubblegum.
· (4) Sour Balls - Assorted - Hard candy balls with a tangy twist.
· (5) Nostalgic Bubble Gum - Classic American bubble gum.
· (4) Smarties - Ok, so they won’t make you smarter, but who cares? These are a sweet and sour staple of American childhood.
· (4) Atomic Fireballs - Hard candies with a fiery flavor.
· (4) Laffy Taffy - Assorted - Maybe the most unique candy in the nostalgic candy basket, this gooey, chewy, tangy treat has ruined many a healthy dinner in its day.
· (2) Root Beer Barrels - The classic root beer flavored hard candies.


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