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Nostalgic Candy Gift Crate
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Nostalgic Candy Gift Crate

  • $39.99
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Earliest Delivery: TOMORROW If you order within the next 12 hours and 37 minutes
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· Wonka Bottle Caps by Nestle - 5 oz. - These bottle cap shaped candies replicate that old fashioned soda fountain taste we all love.
· Pop Rocks by Pop Rocks Inc. - .33 oz. - You can really taste the explosion with these poppin', snappin', crunchin' candies!
· Candy Necklace by KOKO's - Sweet candy that you can wear. Who doesn’t remember these?
· Good & Plenty by The Hershey Company - 5 oz. - This old fashioned licorice candy is coated in a candy shell; they're still plenty good today!
· Ring Pop by Topps - .5 oz. - A jewel shaped hard candy on top of a plastic ring individually over wrapped in a printed metalized fin sealed bag.
· Hot Tamales by Just Born - 1.8 oz. - The original gooey cinnamon candies, these candies pack just the right amount of heat!
· Mike and Ike Original Fruits by Just Born - 1.8 oz. - An all time favorite with candy lovers, these little chewy bites are made with real fruit juice and have been enjoyed by kids and adults alike for over 70 years.
· Cow Tales by Goetze's Candy Company - 1 oz. - Chewy caramel sticks wrap around a deliciously sweet creamy center.
· Tootsie Roll by Tootsie Roll Industries - 2.25 oz. - Another classic, classic candy. Here’s some historical background, in 1896, Leo Hirschfield came to the US and started a making candy in a small shop, where he decided to make a chocolaty candy that wouldn’t melt in the heat. He invented the Tootsie roll, which he named after his daughter’s nickname, Tootsie. The rest is candy history!
· (2) Super Bubble Gum - Iconic, classic gum that's offered hours of bubbles since it's creation in 1946.
· (3) Smarties - Ok, so they won’t make you smarter, but who cares? These are a sweet and sour staple of American childhood.
· Jelly Beans by Buttercup Candy Shoppe - 3.5 oz. - These gourmet jelly beans explode with intense flavors and are made using only the finest ingredients.


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