"It's awesome to find a company that actually makes the baskets they sell!"John, Seattle, WA

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It's okay if you did a double take when you saw this basket. We completely understand - it's beautiful - and filled with twice the amount of gifts as usual! Inside are two adorable, handcrafted bunnies, a selection of the sweetest ever candies, and a variety of fun toys, creating an impressive, jaw-dropping Easter arrangement that's the perfect choice for one recipient or two!

· (2) Harry Hare Rabbits 12" - Two beautiful, ribbon-adorned bunnies that are handcrafted using the softest imaginable fabrics, creating completely huggable gifts.
· Glow in the Dark Frisbee -
A bright flying disk that emits a soft glow, allowing for prolonged hours of play.
· Jelly Beans by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 6 oz. -
Plump, oversized jelly beans in a vast array of rainbow colors that offer gourmet flavors created using the finest ingredients.
· (2) Peeps by Just Born
- Assorted Colors - Brilliantly hued sugary confections of sweet, gooey marshmallows that are pressed into fun, festive Easter shapes.
· (2) Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny by Madelaine Chocolates
- 6 oz. - Two delicious bunnies made of solid milk chocolate that are handcrafted by artisans in accordance with a centuries-old tradition.
· Confetti Popcorn by KingOfPOP.com - 3.11 oz -
Gourmet popcorn that's artfully handcrafted and drenched in crisp fruit-infused candy shell.
· Yogurt Covered Mini Pretzels by Auntie Trudie's
- 6 oz. - Thin, lightly salted pretzels that are coated in sweet vanilla yogurt confection.
· Strawberry Twizzlers by Hershey's
- 2.5 oz. - Irresistibly chewy candy twists that offer the sweet flavor of juicy strawberries.
· Peanut M&Ms by Mars
- 1.69 oz. - The perfect combination of sweet and salty, these rich, bite-sized confections are created by drenching premium peanuts in creamy milk chocolate.
· (4) Colorful Bright Assorted Plastic Easter Eggs
- Mimicking the bright hues of spring, these cheery, colorful eggs open at the center, offering the perfect storage place for Easter treats.
· Scratch-a-Sketch
- Three sheets of black paper that are easily scratched with an included special pen to reveal glittery colors underneath, easily creating brilliant masterpieces.
· Fuzzy Face Pocket Travel Game
- Who can make the silliest face? This simple game offers hours of fun with countless creations.
· (4) Smarties -
Pastel tablet wafer candies that are famous for their irresistible sweet and tart flavor.
· (2) Jawbreakers -
Rock hard, bite-sized candies that melt away layer by layer to reveal a different flavor and color.
· (2) Laffy Taffy -
Long-lasting, fruit-flavored taffy squares that offer a joke on every wrapper.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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  April 23, 2014
I ordered the 100 dollar Easter basket for our 2 grandchildren. The 12 year old "knows there is no Easter bunny" He is completely having second thoughts in trying to figure out who sent the box. Our 9 yr.old granddaughter who is right at the stage of thinking she knows and not quite sure knows now there REALLY is an Easter bunny. We are so happy that every request I asked from you was done. Mom works and when she got home said there was candy wrappers all over the place and 2 very extremely excited little ones all because of the great way your company completely surprised 2 very excited children.I cannot express how impressed I was as they talked and talked to Grandma and Grandpa about this secret package that was HUGE!!!!!! Thank you and I will be telling anyone that asks about your fantastic company.
  April 22, 2014
Excellent!My family really enjoyed this basket!
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Double Bunny Easter Basket™

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