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Deluxe Summer Fun Camp Care Package

 What is a Care Package?
  • $59.99
Product ID: 5629

There's nothing more fun than showing a kid how much you love them than sending them one of our Care Packages. Our line of Summer Fun Care Packages will provide limitless entertainment for your kid and their friends whether they are playing indoors or out. Each and every item helps kids get outdoors and enjoy all the activities of summer! Inside they'll find a balloon launcher, Frisbee, mini squirt guns, swim goggles, glider airplanes, harmonica, bubbles and wand, a slinky and so much more! Send this incredible new addition to our collection of care packages and get the kids outside where they can make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Earliest Delivery: July 26, 2016
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What's Inside?

· Splash and Swim Goggles - Don’t be a fool, make sure they have goggles for the pool!
· Radical Flyer Frisbee –So versatile, this Frisbee is a must for any camp care package.
· Mini Squirt Guns - 4 pack – You may be causing havoc for the camp counselor, but your child will love these!
· Fun Bubbles - 5 in 1 Set - Need we say more? Such a timeless classic, fun for all ages!
· Boom Racket Set - Two rackets and two balls allow for maximum fun.
· Glow in the Dark Yo-Yo - So simple, yet so much fun. One is never too old for a yo-yo.
· Stunt Glider with Launcher - Set yourself up with some space when you prepare to launch this glider.
· Water Bombs - 50 Balloons - Balloons that were designed to be filled and tossed.
· Rocket Balloons - Balloons ready to be launched.
· Rainbow Skip Ball - Similar to a skip-it, this provides great fun for one.
· Mini Golf Table Game - Complete with putters, balls, and a flag, this miniature green brings the game of classic golf to their fingertips!
· Rainbow Big Jax - Colorful jax make it easier
· Silly Shots - The build of a kite yet this toy requires no string.  With a rubber band attached to the back, it is ready to be launched into flight at any moment.
· Harmonica - Endless hours of musical entertainment.
· Rainbow Slinky - All you need is a staircase to have fun with this classic toy.
· Catch Ball Game - This velcro fun set comes with with hand-held pads and 2 balls. Go outside and toss away!
· Air Foam Disc Shot - This toy gun shoots foam disc as far as the eye can see.


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