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Deluxe Glow In The Dark Care Package
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Deluxe Glow In The Dark Care Package

 What is a Care Package?
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What's Inside?

· Peg-A-Lite - A portable version of the beloved classic toy of colorful pegs that can be arranged to create vibrant works of art wherever it travels!
· Flip up Basketball Game - A pocket sized court that provides endless entertainment.
· Sudoku Puzzle Books - Is there a more addictive game mind game out there? We just love these puzzles and know this book will provide some quiet time to work the mind.
· Pencil - Along with the sharpener and scribble pad, it will allow your child to record all their thoughts.
· Pencil Sharpener - Sharpen that pencil to play your puzzle books or write notes to your friends.
· Scribble Pad of Paper - 60 Sheets - 9" x 12" - A notepad gives you all that all important scrap paper to write notes to friends.
· Fine Point Washable Markers - 12 Piece Set - These markers are sure to get used for arts & crafts projects or a variety of other things at camp.
· Light Up Porcupine Fluffy Ball - Playing catch with this won't hurt, but it will be a ton of fun especially at night.
· Glow in the Dark Frisbee - This glowing frisbee will all for endless entertainment no matter what time it is outside.
· (2) Glow In the Dark Eye Glasses - Create memories that will last forever with these glow in the dark eye glasses. They won't help your vision, but they will help others spot you!
· (2) Glow Bars - 2 per package - Another item to glow in the dark, these glow bars could be used for a variety of things and if necessary even to light a pathway in the dark.
· (2) Glow In the Dark Bracelets - 6 pack - A total of 12 bracelets to be shared or kept to ones self. It really doesn't get more traditional than this.
· Glow in the Dark Putty - Putty with a twist; it glows in the dark! An amazing addition to this Camp Care Package.
· Finger Lights - These are mini-flashlights that fit on the tips of your fingers.  They come in Green, Red & Blue and will provide loads of light and fun.
· (2) Standard Playing Cards - Crazy eights, Slap Jack, Go Fish. You name the game and it will be played with these cards.
· S'Mores Card Game by Education Outdoors - 69 cards plus Instruction card - A fun card game that's perfect for the camp fire!
· Crossword Puzzle Book - Build those mental faculties with brain-teasing crossword puzzles.
· Thumb Wrestle - Wrestle the hours away with yourself or include a friend in this fun thumb game.
· Football Finger Sports - Set this little end zone up wherever and then flick the football through with your finger.
· Glow in the Dark Yo-Yo - One of the oldest toys ever made even cooler by the fact that it glows in the dark.


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