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Deluxe Glow In The Dark Care Package
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Deluxe Glow In The Dark Care Package

 What is a Care Package?
  • $59.99
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Earliest Delivery: TOMORROW If you order within the next 9 hours and 51 minutes
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What's Inside?

  • (2) Glow In the Dark Eye Glasses - Create memories that will last forever with these glow in the dark eye glasses. They won't help your vision, but they will help others spot you!
  • (2) Glow In the Dark Swirl Bracelets - 5 pack - A total of 10 bracelets to be shared or kept to ones self. It really doesn't get more traditional than this.
  • Nite-Glo Putty - Putty with a twist; it glows in the dark! Just expose it to bright lights to activate the glow.
  • (2) Fiber Optic Finger Lights - These are mini-flashlights that fit on the tips of your fingers.  They come in Green, Red & Blue and will provide loads of light and fun. 
  • Glow in the Dark Play Ball - Activate the glow stick and after you inflate the ball, you will insert the stick inside the ball so it glows for hours of fun.
  • Glow in the Dark Stickers - These niteglo stickers will adhere to most surfaces to give them a fun light.
  • Glow in the Dark Spin Action Saucer Flier - Pull the trigger on the flier to make the glow in the dark saucers fly through the air.
  • Glow in the Dark Necklace - This 20" necklace will glow in the dark for hours!
  • Light-Up Yo-Yo - One of the oldest toys ever made even cooler by the fact that it lights up when you spin it. 
  • Light-Up Spinning Wheel - This light up wheel comes with batteries - as the wheel picks up speed, it lights up!
  • Light-Up Flashing Ring - These fun rings come in a variety of colors and will flash and blink bright lights.
  • Nite Glo Glow Bands - 10 pack - These bands glow for hours and with the connectors, you can make bracelets, necklaces and more!


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