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Beer-B-Q Bucket: one of our great gift baskets for men
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Beer-B-Q Bucket

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Earliest Delivery: May 2, 2017
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  • Samuel Adams Seasonal - 12 oz. - Boasting unique, complex tastes, these beers are created to embody the flavors of different seasons using the finest fresh ingredients. 
  • Magic Hat #9 - 12 oz. - A dry, crisp and refreshing pale ale.
  • Redhook American Pale Ale - 12 oz. - A fantastic craft beer that is as refreshing as it is delicious.
  • Buffalo Popcorn by - 1.1 oz. – Crisp handcrafted popcorn that's been dusted with a delicious spice blend, leaving you with the mouthwatering taste of buffalo wings.
  • Steak Rub by Rufus Teague - 6.2 oz. - A fantastic spice blend for steak with the bold flavors of onion, garlic, ground coffee and brown sugar.
  • Burger Seasoning Mix by Backyard Safari Company - .4 oz. - This packet will season eight of their next beef or turkey burgers to perfection!
  • Classic Beer Can Chicken Rub by Gourmet du Village - 1.2 oz. - Whether they cook their chicken in the oven or on the grill, this seasoning mix will make the most delicious, moist chicken they've ever had.


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