"It's awesome to find a company that actually makes the baskets they sell!"John, Seattle, WA
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This terrific gift is the perfect combination of two of our favorite things, beer and BBQ! We start with three terrific BBQ friendly beers and added our three favorite BBQ rubs that work magic on steaks, burgers and chicken. This grilling gift arrives perfectly packaged in an old fashioned pail that makes the perfect ice bucket for beers or a caddy for BBQ condiments. It’s not just a gift basket, it’s a bucket full of deliciousness!

* Seasonal substitutions may be necessary to keep the product appropriate for the season
What's Inside?
· Beef & Burger Rub by Urban Accents - 1.5 oz. - This Urban Accents Beef and Burger Rub is designed to bring out the flavors in your favorite beef grilling recipes and can be used on steaks, roasts, meatloaf and hamburgers.
· Chicken & Poultry Rub by Urban Accents - 1.5 oz. - Another classic rub from Urban Accents is a unique blend of herbs and spices that will bring out the flavors in your favorite fowl recipes.
· Pork & BBQ Rub by Urban Accents - 1.5 oz. - Last but not least this Pork rub is delicious on ribs, pork chops, pork tenderloin and even steaks.
· Corona Extra - 12 oz. - Corona is known as the relaxation beer so there is nothing better to drink while cooking with the rubs included in our BBQ gift baskets.
· Samuel Adams Sam Seasonal - 12 oz. - Sam Adams is as traditional as beer gets.  Brewed by the Boston Beer Company, depending on which season you purchase this beer gift basket you will enjoy one of their classic seasonal beers: Noble Pils in the spring, Summer Ale, OctoberFest and Winter Lager.
· Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat - 12 oz. - . A less known beer but still a delicious one, Leinenkugel's Sunset wheat is a Belgian lager with a hint of blueberry.  It's a great addition to this array of fine beers.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating   (5 of 5)
  March 08, 2014
My son loved this birthday gift!
  November 21, 2013
My son loved his birthday gift and, loving to grill as well as a good beer, this was perfect for him!
  August 22, 2013
I ordered a beer bucket for my brother's birthday. He loved it! It was great and the bucket is such a great idea. It can be used again versus the baskets that some companies use. This was a huge hit with everyone and I would highly recommend. Very fast and reliable shipping as well.
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Beer-B-Q Bucket™

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