5 Foods to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

No matter what time of year you get married, it’s sure to be a beautiful occasion. However, depending on what season you’ll be getting married in, your wedding details, such as your menu, will change slightly. If you’re getting married in the winter, here are some of our favorite choices for the best foods to serve.

Hot Appetizers

Hot appetizers really seem to hit the spot in the winter! After walking into the reception hall from the freezing cold temperatures outside, being able to settle in with a small plate of hot foods will certainly please your guests. Simple foods such as chicken fingers, bacon wrapped scallops, and even fondue are all perfect choices for your winter wedding.

Comfort Food Classics

Once the weather gets really cold, that’s when we seem to crave comfort foods. That’s why these classic foods will be a welcomed addition to your wedding menu. Try serving classic favorites with a gourmet twist such as lobster macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches using gourmet cheeses, and classic tomato soup garnished with truffle oil. Guests will feel pampered while enjoying all their classic comforts.

Potato Bar

People love to eat potatoes in colder weather! Instead of simply serving the potatoes as a side dish, treat your guests to a potato bar! Whether you serve baked potatoes, hash browns, or French fries, you can take things to the next level by giving guests a variety of options for toppings and dippers. For example, if you set up a French fry bar you can give people a choice of toppings, such as melted cheese, sour cream, and gourmet ketchup. This is a great way to take a simple food like potatoes and turn it into a special treat!


When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing more comforting than soup! Whether serving a simple broth or a decadent favorite, soup is also a great item to include on your wedding menu. Delicious winter soups that will taste great at your winter wedding include butternut squash soup, pumpkin soup, and even potato leek soup. Garnish the soups with something decadent, such as bacon, sour cream, mascarpone cheese, or heavy cream to give your guests something extra special.


Chocolate is a great ingredient to include on your menu, especially if the wedding will take place on Valentine’s Day! This is not only a great ingredient as a dessert, but it can be a part of the main course, as well. For example, mole sauce is a classic element in Mexican cooking and can also be incorporated into your wedding food. You can also serve classic chocolate desserts such as chocolate cake, truffles, and even chocolate fondue.

Serve these delicious favorites at your winter wedding to give your guests a taste of these warming classics!