No Bake Dessert You Can Make for Valentine’s Day

Looking to impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? You don’t need to be an expert pastry chef in order to make an amazing dessert that will melt your love’s heart. This no-bake dessert only takes a few minutes to make, so you can get on with the romance and leave the dishes for tomorrow!

5 Foods to Serve on Valentine’s Day

Millions of couples will go out for dinner this Valentine’s Day, but you can create a romantic evening at home. You just need to have the right menu, a few candles, some great music, and a home-cooked meal with a few of these key ingredients. Prepare them right and you are bound to have a… Read More >

10 Gifts for College Students

College is filled with new experiences, friends, and challenges. Through this experience involves constant change over 4 years. As a senior in college myself, I can confidently say that college molds you into who you’re. Regardless of the occasion, finding a gift for your college student can be overwhelming. Now that we’re away from home and… Read More >

What Christmas Gifts Are Best for Teens This Holiday?

Finding Christmas gifts for teenagers can be challenging. Teens are developing many different interests and are figuring out who they are. Their tastes are changing every week — and sometimes more often than that. This is why buying presents for them can be so difficult.  If your teen has already told you what they’d like,… Read More >

The Twelve Days of Christmas is Not When You Think

During the past few weeks, you may have noticed almost every place you go or every radio station you hear is playing the song The Twelve Days of Christmas. I have personally heard the song The Twelve Days of Christmas hundreds of times but never have I ever questioned the meaning of the song or when… Read More >

The Story of the Cornucopia: the Thanksgiving Horn of Plenty

Cornucopia in Greek Mythology There are two Greek myths that explain how the cornucopia came to be. The first is that while hiding from his father, Kronos, baby Zeus accidentally broke off the horn of the goat who nursed him. The horn then had the divine power to provide unending nourishment. The goat was revered… Read More >

Corn for Thanksgiving: A Mini-History of the First Thanksgiving

While Thanksgiving dinner fare varies from family to family, usually you’’ll find turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and corn. There is little written documentation about what was actually eaten during the First Thanksgiving dinner, but from what was recorded, we know that there are two main dishes from modern-day Thanksgiving that were present at… Read More >

3 Easy Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and if you’re hosting at your house, you’re probably knee-deep in what feels like a million tasks. I host a big family holiday dinner every year and each time I get a little better with my ahead of time prep. That said, it’s still very stressful to get the dinner on… Read More >