It’s Not All About The Holidays – Occasions Need Some Love, Too!

Yes, we all love the holidays and many of us celebrate every holiday we can possibly find. I know I sure do! But when you’re thinking about gift-giving occasions, it’s not all about the holidays. Perfect gifts are as important to find, if not more important, for other occasions running the gamut from sympathy to… Read More >

Tasty Super Bowl Eats

Who’s gearing up for Super Bowl LII to watch the Patriots and the Eagles? MORE IMPORTANTLY….who’s gearing up for the best TV commercials of the year, AND the most delicious food to go with it? Here are our top picks of Tasty Super Bowl Eats to prepare for this year’s Super Bowl on February 4!… Read More >

What It Means to be Gourmet

When you hear the word “gourmet” what do you think? In this edition of Food For Thought, we’ve decided to take a dive into all things gourmet, and talk about What It Means to be Gourmet. Here at, we pride ourselves on being “gourmet” and finding the finest foods the world has to offer… Read More >

Grandma Claire’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have the most wonderful memories of eating these cookies, freshly-baked out of my Grandma’s oven as a child. There were so soft and chewy, and had chocolate in every bite, both from semi-sweet chocolate chips and a grated Hershey bar. Every time I make them now as an adult, I think back on those… Read More >

Chili Recipes You Can Count On

Living in New Hampshire, we know that snow and cold are part of the deal in the winter months. Although we don’t always like it, we tolerate it, and we get by with the use of our slow cookers and warm meals, including these chili recipes you can count on! For me, warm bowls of… Read More >

Easy New Year’s Eve Decorations

Ideas adapted from: Soho Sonnet After all the preparation that goes into Christmas, we tend to forget about decorating for New Year’s Eve! Jazz up your NYE festivities with these easy New Year’s Eve decorations that don’t take a lot of time or effort, but can make a big impact on your party. Glitter Decorated… Read More >

The Guilt-Free Guide To Tackling Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Before we address anything else, we need to confront what I call “delayed gifting guilt.” That’s because it’s likely something most procrastinators feel at this point if they haven’t secured any holiday gifts yet for loved ones. If you’re feeling it, I give you permission to let it go! Otherwise, it will continue to hamper… Read More >

Festive Appetizers Perfect for Holiday Parties

It seems like parties are always popping up at this time of year, and in order to be the perfect guest, it’s always best not to show up empty handed, and that’s where these Festive Appetizers come into play. Whether you’re hosting the party yourself, or are attending your neighborhood Christmas party, here are some… Read More >