Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts for Priceless Moms

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Mother’s Day is coming up and your bankroll is a bit short. Not a problem if you use your creativity to hand make a gift that will make Mom feel extra special. First, collect items that you will use to create your one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift—pieces of ribbon, colored paper, scissors and glue, old family photos, bits of colored yarn, or maybe even pieces of broken jewelry. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Mother’s Day scrapbook and album – at a store that sells things for under $5.00 you can find nice scrapbooks to decorate as a gift for Mom. Cover the book with fabric and add ribbon, bits of jewelry, or artificial flowers. Inside, make photo “frames” out of colored paper. Glue these frames on both sides and the bottom onto pages in the book. This allows you to slip in favorite family photos from the top of the frame. Next, find poems in magazines or on old greeting cards to cut out and glue onto the pages. The finished product is a unique gift that will have very special meaning.

Mother’s Day hand decorated vase – start with a clean empty jar or bottle. Cover the jar with fabric, making sure it is glued down on all surfaces. Decorate the fabric with bits of ribbon or colored yarn that you glue down as you wrap it around the vase. Use whatever items you have at hand such as sequins or beads to add sparkle to your gift. It is a good idea to put a cover coat of diluted white glue (which will dry clear) over the entire surface.

Mother’s Day coupon envelope – start with a colored letter sized envelope. Cut out slips of paper that are slightly smaller than the envelope. Use these to make coupons Mom can cash in with you as she needs the service you promise to provide (washing the dishes, weeding the garden, babysitting for free, doing the laundry, etc.) The coupons may be made on the computer or by hand with different colored markers. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Let your creativity soar as you think of things you can make that Mom is sure to appreciate. If you think you’re a bit short on creativity or skill to make a gift, look around for some artistic person to help you out!

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