Best Valentine’s Day Dinners

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Fondue for two? Real original, Valentine. Instead of plating something that’€™s completely cliche, treat your crush to a decadent meal that proves you care about them. That said, check out these ideas. Each one is perfectly romantic and creates a swoon-worthy dinner that’€™ll be love at first bite.



Alright, alright – you may have a hard time eating veal but you should try to shelf your guilt. Besides being absolutely delicious, veal’€™s pretty good for you, as it‒s packed with vitamins and minerals. As long as your date doesn’€™t mind the ethics of it, veal presents itself as a dreamy dinner contender, especially a recipe like this one. It pairs the tender meat with asparagus, which is an aphrodisiac (meow).

Fillet Mignon

These tender fillets may just be cute enough to win over your crush. If you go out to eat, this piece of tenderloin is priced rather high. But, if you’€™re at home, itâ’s way more affordable, allowing you to whip up a delicious meal that looks (and tastes) really expensive, even though it’€™s not.


Nothing is more decadent than sweet, creamy lobster meat, which means your date will really appreciate the effort. Trying to figure out where to get plastic bibs? Yeah, not sexy. Check out this recipe before you get cracking on dinner to avoid screwing up your crush’€™s swanky v-day attire.


Get a little closer to your Valentine with these stimulating shellfish. They’€™re super fun to eat together and this recipe of simple wine, butter, and garlic sauce is sinful. Just make sure you’€™re picky about where you’€™re getting the mussels from and beware of those that are cracked or open.


Yeah, it is all it‒s quacked up to be. Duck has been eaten for over 4,000 years (we can’€™t say that about everything) and is a delicacy all over the world. Depending on where you live, you may have a hard time getting your hand on this bird. Generally, you can buy it frozen in super markets, but for the fresh stuff, you’€™ll probably have to hit up a small butcher shop. After you do, check out a recipe like this one that’€™s perfect for making your date swoon.


Regardless of whether they’€™re from the sea or a bay, scallops are a low-fat, nutritional delicacy. Due to the population of these mollusks, they can be fairly pricey, which makes you look like a pro when you€’re plating them for your date. This recipe may not be for everyone – it’€™s moderately eccentric -€“ but if you’€™re trying to impress, it‒s a great way to do so (and it’€™s full of aphrodisiacs).


Alright, keep your shirt on. Oysters have certain powers -€“ like all shellfish, really -€“ but for some reason, they’€™re promoted more than other foods due to their aphrodisiac properties. Some say that when you eat oysters, you become more aware. Your senses sharpen. Your date looks hotter. Thus, in serving some at your romantic soiree, you’€™ll be making it one to remember.


I’m not suggesting you take a sushi class tomorrow (unless you really want to, of course) but if you’€™re practiced in the art of sushi, there are few things more impressive than making it at home. This recipe is pretty basic, but shows you how to craft your rolls into hearts, which is pretty darn cute.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Oh please, you know you want to. On V-day, it’s okay to be a little extra cutesy. Go ahead: indulge in your secret fantasy of eating the same piece of pasta a la Lady and the Tramp. Sure, it seems pretty sappy and over done, but it’€™s a classic meal for a classic date.

Homemade pizza

You may be thinking that the fact that it’€™s Valentine’s Day doesn’€™t mean you should break the bank or spend hours in the kitchen to produce a delicious meal. I too think that good food should be quick to make and come primarily in the form of pizza. But, since you should put some effort into your date, skip your routine bee-line to the grocery store’€™s frozen section and make a pizza from scratch. Who knows, you could even top it with some of those delightful aphrodisiacs mentioned earlier. (Others include avocados, basil, and chili peppers.)


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