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Ultimate Pampered Dog Gift Basket

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You'll have the dogs howling for joy over all the amazingly delicious gourmet dog treats and toys they'll find in our largest, most impressive gift basket for dogs and their owners! Inside they'll find doggie biscuits, celestial smiles chew toy, doggie doughnuts, knotted rope bone, bouncy squeak toy, beef jerky, sample pack of dog treats, natural rawhide twists, bouncy chew toys, Berber fleece bear, bacon treats, and a gentle shampoo! Our dog gift baskets are designed to pamper dogs and their owners with these upscale, super-high quality treats and toys!
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What's Inside?

· Peanut Butter Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits by Cloud Star - 8 oz - True to its name, this treat is baked with the creamy peanut butter that dogs love!
· Celestial Smiles Toy by Zanies - Made of soft Berber, which dogs love to chew and cuddle. Each includes a squeaker for extra fun.
· Roasted Chicken Soft & Chewy Treats by Cloud Star - Great tasting chicken treats that your dog will devour instantly.
· Gourmet Doggie Doughnuts by Pawsitively Gourmet - 2.5 oz. - Our chicken flavored doughnut dipped in velvety yogurt and rich carob.
· Knotted Rope Bones by Zanies - Colorful Zanies® Knotted Rope Bones are a great way to satisfy a dog’s urge to chew. They’re tough and durable, plus they help keep dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.
· Bad Cuz Chew Toy by PetEdge - One of our favorite dog gift basket toys, this 100% natural rubber squeaker bounces irregularly and drive dogs crazy!
· Good Buddy Beef Jerky by Organix - 3.5 oz. - Made with rye flour so no allergies!
· Dog Treat Sample Pack by Taxi Dog Bakery - Sixteen great tasting treats that your dog will love, who doesn't like vairty?
· Natural Rawhide Twists by Ranch Rewards - 20 ct - Made of delicious 100% natural ground rawhide. Stick shape adds excitement to dog’s chewing pleasure and helps clean teeth naturally.
· Good Cuz Chew Toy by PetEdge - 100% natural rubber and squeaker bounce irregularly and drive dogs crazy!
· Berber Bears by Zanies - Sweet and snuggly, these cute 8 1/2" toys are made of soft, durable Berber fleece. Dogs love the feel of the nubby texture as they chew or nuzzle these adorable bears. Great for puppies as well as adult dogs.
· Bacon Bag-O-Treats for Dogs! by Harry Barker - 10 oz. - Packaged in reusable 100% cotton canvas drawstring bag. Made in the USA, all natural, low in fat, and certified cat addictive!
· Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo and Conditioner by Cloud Star - 16 oz. - A gentle two-in-one conditioning shampoo that's created from all-natural pure botanical extracts.


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