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100% USDA Certified Organic Foods are grown using no pesticides or fertilizers, and are processed using no ionizing radiation or food additives, especially high fructose corn syrup. That sounds good to us, and if it does to you too, then these organic baskets are the perfect gift for you! In fact, they had us at, “no ionizing radiation.” The question, of course, is “how good does the food taste?” We can assure you, that the foods included in our Premium Organic Gift Baskets are wonderful. We haven’t sacrificed the great taste and quality that you’ve come to expect from GourmetGiftBaskets.com in our organic gift collection. We taste tested thousands of organic products so that we could create for you the best organic gift the gourmet food world has to offer. With everything included in this oversized organic gift basket, they'll be eating organic for a while!

Organic Gift Basket - Premium

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What's Inside?
· Partners Blue Star Farms Crackers - 5 oz. - Perfect with cheese, meat, dip, or as a stand-alone munchies fix! Consistently Fabulous, the texture of the stone ground whole wheat lends a nutty snap to these all natural crackers.
· Organic Smooth Peanut Butter by Brad’s Organic - 18 oz. - Smooth, organic peanut butter that’s made of hand selected, golden brown peanuts and not a thing else.
· Organic Strawberry Jam by Colorado Mountain - 6 oz. - This awesome-tasting jam is made with, guess what? Organic Strawberries! Not much of a surprise, but you’ll have a hard time going back to another jam, trust us.
· Ginger Snap Cookies by Mary’s Gone Crackers – 5.5 oz. – Traditional cookies made in a whole new way: with organic ginger and a unique blend of whole food ingredients, creating a delicious, crunchy snack that they can feel really good about eating.
· Sour Apple Organic Hard Candies by Hillside Candy - 3.5 oz. - Deliciously sour hard candies that are made with organic ingredients and infused with tangy apple flavor.
· Organic Coconut Bar by Oskri - 1.9 oz. - These delectable bars are made with 100% organic coconut and the only other ingredient is delicious rice syrup which binds the bar together for enjoyment.
· Organic Granny Smith Apple Chips by Bare Fruit - 2.6 oz. - If you're craving a sweet treat without the guilt of consuming sugar, look no further than these dried granny smith apple chips!
· Organic Mini Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers by Late July - 5 oz. - Made with a light peanut butter and crispy crackers, these sandwiches are sure to delight!
· Organic Dude Ranch Multigrain Chips by Late July – 5.5 oz. – Dude, these chips are seriously delicious. Tasting of tangy sour cream and speckled with herbs and spices, these zesty, whole-grain packed organic chips make a fabulous snack.
· Organic Mild Salsa by Bra's Organics - 16 oz. - Although mild, this organic salsa has a flair that is found only in fresh salsa which complements the flavorful tortilla chips.
· Organic English Breakfast Tea by Harney & Sons - 20 Sachets - This organic tea selection is the perfect complement to all of the snacks included in our organic gift baskets.
· Organic Honey by YS Organics - 8 oz. - YS organic honey is the purest honey around! A product of Bees and flowers and nothing more! Why include anything else?
· Organic Penne Rigate by Manicaretti - 17.6 oz. - This penne will transport you to rustic Italy as you enjoy this uniquely hearty and tasty pasta.
· Organic Spicy Heirloom Tomato Sauce by Dave's Gourmet - 25.5 oz. - This pasta sauce has a fantastic flavor and a little bite. Just like eating a fresh heirloom tomato, it will not always look or taste exactly the same, but will always be the best!
· Organic Multigrain Pancake Mix by Highland Sugarworks - 24 oz. - For those with a hearty appetite for pancakes you will love this organic multi-grain mix. Just add milk and eggs with mix and you are all set to enjoy a delicious stack of pancakes.
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