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Holiday Decadent Orchard Gift Tower
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It's always nice to get fresh fruits, but our orchard delights are hand picked and delivered right away, making them the freshest around...even in winter. This holiday basket boasts large oranges, tender pears, and crisp apples that are nestled between a bounty of premium nuts and artisan chocolates.

· (4) Keepsake Tower Boxes - Sure, there was once fruit in these boxes, but that doesn't make them any less useful. These four beautifully crafted, matte finished boxes await repurposing.
· 2 Red Apples - Crisp, ruby apples that are hand picked.
· 2 Oranges - Fresh and large, these navel oranges are sent directly from the grove.
· 2 Pears - Is there such a thing as the perfect fruit? You bet. And these tender, juicy pears are proof of it.
· Roasted & Salted Peanuts by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - Premium Virginia peanuts that are dusted with salt and gently roasted.
· Roasted & Salted Almonds by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - Creamy California almonds that are lightly sprinkled with salt and roasted.
· Cashews by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - Our own whole, creamy cashews that are lightly sprinkled with salt.
· Pistachios by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - Fresh, crunchy pistachios that have been hand roasted and salted.
· Single Serve Chocolate Cherries by Marich - 2.3 oz. - Dried Bing cherries that are drenched in rich dark chocolate and coated with a silky layer of cherry confection.
· Single Serve Holland Mints by Marich - 2.1 oz. - Creamy peppermint centers that are dipped in artisan milk chocolate and covered with a mint-infused sugar shell.
· Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels by Marich - 2.1 oz. - Coated evenly with gourmet dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt, these creamy caramels are divine.
· Single Serve Mint Chip Maltballs by Marich - 1.76 oz. - Light, crunchy malted milk balls that are encased in dark chocolate and speckled with mint-cookie pieces.

Holiday Decadent Orchard Gift Tower

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