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Happy Easter Gift Tower
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Happy Easter Gift Tower

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  • Solid Double Crisp Chocolate Bunny by Palmer - 4.25 oz. - A lovely candy bunny crafted from creamy milk chocolate that's speckled with pieces of crisp rice.
  • (2 Packages) Peeps by Just Born - Assorted Colors - The classic springtime treats of festively shaped gooey marshmallows that are dusted in sugar.
  • Jelly Beans by Buttercup Candy Shoppe - 3.5 oz. - Plump and bright jelly beans that explode with sweet fruit flavors.
  • Double Crisp Chocolate Carrots by Palmer - 3.35 oz. - Small carrots made from smooth milk chocolate that envelope crunchy crisp rice.
  • White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies by Kimball Lake Bakery - 4 oz. - Mouth-watering crispy cookies with a delicate hint of sweetness from the white chocolate and the luscious tang of dried cranberries. 
  • Zesty Ranch Popcorn by - 1.1 oz. - Hints of zesty onion, delicious buttermilk, garlic, herbs, and spices make this ranch popcorn truly spectacular. 
  • Double Crisp Easter Eggs by Palmer - 5 oz. - Luscious chocolate shaped into classic Easter Eggs with a crispy center, all wrapped in bright Easter foil.
  • Chocolate Wafer Petites by Dolcetto - .7 oz - Decadent chocolate cream that is wrapped inside a crispy chocolate wafer. 
  • Gummy Blue Raspberry Rings by Buttercup Candy Shoppe - 8 oz. - Gorgeous white and blue chewy gummy candies that are sprinkled with a dusting of sugar.

Dimensions: 8"x 6.5"x 15"


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