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Lights, camera, popcorn! Whether they're into action-packed adventures, quirky rom coms, or nail-biting thrillers, there's only one snack for the movie lover in your life. That's why we decided to create this impressive gift, which supplies them with everything they need to make delicious variations of their favorite movie-viewing sidekick. Comprised of a variety of all-natural kernels, four different gourmet seasonings, a beautiful stove top popper, and a generous selection of traditional concession stand favorites, enjoying movie night will be easier than ever!

· Whirley-Pop Stove Top Popcorn Popper - 6 Quarts - Promising delicious popcorn in just 3 minutes, this easy to use, hand-assembled popper is backed by a 25 year warranty.
· White Gold Popcorn by Urban Accents - 16 oz. - Premium, all-natural kernels of a brilliant golden color that produce classic, fluffy popped corn.
· Ruby Red Popcorn by Urban Accents - 16 oz. - Kernels of a deep ruby red color that are naturally sweet all by themselves.
· Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn Seasoning by Urban Accents - 5 oz. - A traditional seasoning that perfectly combines both sweet and salty flavors.
· White Cheddar Seasoning by Urban Accents - 3 oz. - Smooth, all-natural white cheddar seasoning that transforms popcorn into a deliciously savory snack.
· (4) Popcorn Dish - 7-3/4 inch - No more passing a bowl.  These four retro-style dishes hold the perfect amount of popcorn for each person.
· Buttery Canola Popping Oil by Wabash Valley Farms - 8 fl. oz. - Specifically designed to be used at high temperatures, this popping oil offers minimum fat and maximum flavor.
· Asiago & Cracked Pepper Seasoning by Urban Accents - 3 oz. - A savory seasoning of creamy Italian cheese and smoky pepper that transforms popcorn into an elegant treat.
· Spicy Chili Lime Seasoning by Urban Accents - 3.5 oz. - A delectable blend of savory herbs, tangy spices, and zesty lime juice that makes any treat sophisticated.
· Indigo Blue Popcorn by Urban Accents - 16 oz. - Premium, all-natural indigo blue kernels that have a deliciously rich flavor after popped.
· Twizzlers® by Hershey's® - 2.5 oz. - Irresistibly chewy fruit twists that bursts with blissfully refreshing fruit flavors.
· Hot Tamales - 1.8 oz. - Oblong chewy candies that explode with hot cinnamon flavor.
· Mike & Ike Original - 5 oz. - Chewy oblong candies that burst with unbeatable, juicy flavors.
· Tootsie Roll - 2.25 oz. - The ever-popular long-lasting candy chew that's perfectly packed with sweet cocoa and subtle fruit flavors.
· Necco Wafers - 2.02 oz. - Successful since 1847, these fat-free wafer candies offer an assortment of delicious flavors in every iconic roll.
· Blue Raspberry Airhead by Van Melle -
 .55 oz. - A tangy slab of taffy-like candy that bursts with the tart, fruity flavor of blue raspberry.
· Strawberry Airhead by Van Melle
- .55 oz. - Chewy taffy-like candy that's infused with the sweet flavor of juicy strawberries.
· Watermelon Airhead by Van Melle
- .55 oz. - An irresistibly chewy treat of juicy watermelon flavored taffy-like candy.
· Everlasting Gobstopper by Wonka -
1.77 oz - Classic jaw breakers that melt away layer by layer revealing different bright colors and new juicy flavors.

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