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Gourmet Pizza Making Gift

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Mama Mia! Our Gourmet Pizza Making Gifts contain everything they’ll need to make fresh, gourmet pies. These pizza gifts include pizza crust & crusty bread baking mix, an amazing tomato pizza sauce, smoked pepperoni, a 4 cell pizza spice jar (with Tuscana blend crushed peppers, garlic & onion, Italian herbs, and spices), and a 15” Pizza Stone with rack. So, send one of these gourmet pizza gifts and give the gift of a classic, homemade pizza meal.

Earliest Delivery: October 25, 2016
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What's Inside?

  • Pizza Crust Mix by Leonard Mountain - 17 oz. – It all starts here! It doesn’t matter what your preference is for sauce or toppings, we can all agree that crust is the key to any memorable pie! We promise you won’t forget tasting this one.
  • Vermont Smoke & Cure Smoked Pepperoni - 6 oz. - Ok, so Vermont might not be a hotbed of Italian cuisine, but, this is the best pepperoni you’ll find anywhere, and, guess what? It’s great on pizza.
  • 4 Cell Pizza Spice Jar - 3.13 oz. - Contains all of the spices they’ll need for an awesome pizza, including crushed peppers, garlic & onion, Italian herbs, and spices.
  • Pizza Sauce by Ya Mamma's - 16 oz. – Mamma knows best and that’s why we chose this sauce… it is sinfully delicious!
  • 15" Pizza Stone & Rack with a 2.5" Pizza Cutter - We said our pizza gift baskets have everything they’ll need to make a gourmet pizza, didn’t we? Well, this high-quality pizza stone with rack and cutter will be in their home for a while, and they’ll think fondly of you with each pizza they bake.


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