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When you combine ten, top-quality, brand-name auto washing, waxing, and detailing products into one incredible gift you get our Deluxe Car Wash Bucket. Inside they'll find everything they need to give any machine a showroom shine. We included a professional car washing mitt, Turtle Wax car wash soap, shop towels, Rain-X Glass Cleaner and Anti-fog treatment, Turtle Wax brand car wax, wax applicator by Detailer's Choice, Armor All Interior Spray, and Black Magic tire wet. All these products arrive in a pour spout bucket complete with a sturdy handle. This Car Wash Gift is a unique addition to our collection of specialty gift baskets, and is sure to please the anyone lucky enough to receive one!
What's Inside?
· Car Wash by Turtle Wax - 20 oz. – The first step to a sparkling shine starts with Car Wash by Turtle Wash.
· Heavy Duty Professional Car Washing Mitt by Golden Fleece - 8" x 11" – This large surface Mitt holds soap and water while diminishing the risk of scratches.
· 3-pack Micro Fiber All Purpose Auto Cloths by S.M. Arnold Inc. – Great for all kinds of car detailing, car cleaning, and car dusting, and you can use these wet or dry.
· Glass Cleaner with Anti-Fog Wipes by Rain-X - 25 wipes – These wipes clean and shield against interior moisture at the same time!
· Shop Towels on a Roll by Scott - 55 on a roll – The sturdiest Towels out there that perform like cloth.
· Interior Spray Protectant by Armor All - 4 oz. – Great for shining and protecting your dash, console, and vinyl. No car wash gift or car cleaning gift is complete without it!
· Car Wax by Turtle Wax - 16 oz. – Offers the ultimate shine and exterior protectant for your finish.
· Wax Applicator Pad by Detailer's Choice - 6" – Reusable terrycloth applicators in a convenient size.
· Tire Wet by Black Magic - 23 oz. – Get a deep, dark shine on your tires with Tire Wet by Black Magic.
· Bucket – This 12 quart bucket features a handle and pour spout and is the perfect finish to another wise perfect auto detailing gift.
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Deluxe Car Wash Bucket

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