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Christmas is a time when dreams come true, which is why this basket is one of our most popular holiday gifts. It possesses the craved, decadent tastes of dreamy, artisan chocolates that are skillfully crafted using only the highest quality ingredients. Perfect for spreading holiday magic to family, friends, and clients, this basket is a Christmas wish fulfilled.

· Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Moravian Cookies by Salem Baking Company - 8 oz. - A more delicious cookie you can't find.  These thin, crisp delights are created with artisan dark chocolate, baked according to homemade tradition, and dipped into a bath of creamy, rich chocolate.
· Cara Mella Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares by Jer's Chocolates - 4 oz. - They're square, but there's nothing boring about these delicious treats of rich, milk chocolate that coats creamy centers of gooey caramel and dreamy Valencia peanut butter.
· Chocolate Wafer Rolls by Dolcetto - 4.4 oz. - Irresistibly thin European-style wafers that are generously filled with smooth, creamy chocolate.
· Dark Chocolate Signature Bar by Lake Champlain - 3 oz. - A bar of dreamily dark, rich Belgian chocolate that is enveloped with the luscious tastes of exotic fruits.
· Dipped Toffee Peanuts by Old Dominion - 10 oz. - Premium, extra-large peanuts that are dipped into rich, buttery toffee and gently hand cooked in copper kettles.
· Hazelnut Truffles by Koppers Chocolates - 8 oz. - A rich treat of crisp hazelnuts that are rolled in dark chocolate and evenly dusted with confectioner’s sugar.
· Dark Chocolate Smothered Pretzel by Asher's - .8 oz. - The perfect marriage of sweet and savory, these thin, salted pretzels are submerged in a bath of premium dark chocolate.
· Milk Chocolate Smothered Graham Cracker by Asher's - 1.02 oz. - Light, crispy grahams that are dusted with sugar, sprinkled with cinnamon, and enveloped by a layer of creamy milk chocolate.
· Chocolate Wafer Squares by Dolcetto - 6.3 oz. -  A sandwich of crisp European-style wafers that surround a bed of rich, smooth chocolate.
· Chocolate Chip Cookies by Holly Baking - 6 oz. - Finally, someone perfected the classic treat. These delectable cookies are loaded with artisan chocolate chips along with other all-natural ingredients, creating a snack that's so good, you can't expect any to be left for Santa.
· Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies by Salem Baking Co. - 2 oz. - Crafted in a 16th century homemade tradition, these rich, buttery cookies are loaded with pure chocolate chunks, creating a dessert that's timeless.
· Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels by Marich - 2.1 oz - Smooth, creamy caramels that are cloaked in artisan dark chocolate and kissed with sea salt.
· Chocolate Caramel Nut Crunch by KingOfPOP.com - 6 oz. - A classic holiday treat that's better than ever! This handcrafted popcorn is coated with crunchy caramel, drizzled with gourmet chocolate, and tossed with both Virginia and redskin peanuts.
· Dark Chocolate Pretzels by Supreme Chocolatier - 1.5 oz. - The perfect combination of sweet and salty, these lightly salted pretzels are dipped into a bath of rich dark chocolate.
· Chocolate Dipped Toffee Cookie Brittle by Moondance Baking - 6 oz. - Long pieces of crunchy, buttery cookie brittle that are dipped into chocolate and coated with light, crisp toffee.
· Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins by Marich - 8 oz. - Tender, moist raisins that are lavishly drenched in dark chocolate.
· Chocolate Wafer Roll Petites by Dolcetto - 5 oz. - Petite they may be, but their size has no comparison to their taste.  These pillow-like wafers wrap around centers of smooth, decedent milk chocolate, creating an epic dessert.
· Chocolatier Truffles Fantaisie by Guyaux Chocolatier - 2.8 oz. - Elegant, French truffles that are hand rolled and dusted with real cocoa powder.
· Chocolate Dipped Coconut Moravian Cookies by Salem Baking Company - 8 oz. - Classic, thin Moravian cookies that are infused with real, exotic coconut and dipped into artisan chocolate.
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Christmas Chocolates Gift Basket - Deluxe

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