Top 10 Easter Candy and Treats

Peeps easter candy


Every year kids anticipate Easter because of all the wonderful goodies they will get in their Easter Baskets. Do you want to be the parent that doesn’t get their child the best Easter Candy and Treats? Fear not, we have the shopping list that will guarantee that your Easter Basket will live up to your children’s expectations.

  1. No Easter Basket is complete without this staple, the Marshmallow Peep. These delicious Chick-shaped treats are loved by many and were introduced nationally in 1958. There are many ways to eat a Peep and the options available could be a post on it’s own but some of the most popular ways are aged 2 to 3 months, heated in a microwave or even frozen.



The Cadbury Brothers were manufacturing filled eggs since 1923 but the Crème Egg in its current form was introduced in 1971. You can’t avoid the Cadbury Crème Egg even if you tried because it sits atop every counter where candy is sold during Easter. Just remember how messy they get because that chocolate seems to melt as soon as it touches your skin.



The earliest known appearance of the modern Jelly Bean was during the American Civil War. There are so many choices of Jelly Beans to choose from including Starburst flavored as well as the gourmet variety with Jelly Belly. Stick with the popular brands and you can’t go wrong.



Robin’s Eggs are a must in any Easter Basket. These egg shaped chocolates mix perfectly together with the Jelly Beans at the bottom of the basket. Most kids will eat them along with Jelly Beans for the ultimate mixture of sweetness.



Anyone that loves a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup will want this in his or her Easter Basket. The Rees’s Egg has become a staple of Easter and epitomizes the perfect marriage between chocolate and peanut butter.



With a Chocolate Bunny, size does matter and your child will notice if this isn’t towering over everything in the Easter Basket. Don’t skimp out on this treat or else!



The Chocolate Marshmallow Egg is also a crowd pleaser on Easter and should always be remembered for any Easter Basket.



This Easter favorite can arguably be included with Robin’s Eggs but it’s popularity requires that it be listed on it’s own. It is the sugary crunch of these milk chocolate eggs that makes Cadbury Mini Eggs so special.



Along with the Chocolate Bunny, Chocolate Eggs are a requirement in every Easter Basket. Although, you don’t need to worry about size with these treats because they are usually the last items eaten in the Easter Basket. They aren’t a favorite of most but they are great filler and can provide some color to make the basket look festive for the holiday.



A favorite of Halloween has also made its way into the Easter Basket. Candy Corn is loved by many and will add a nice mixture of Easter color into your basket.


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