The Best Flowers and Plants for April

and The best flowers and plants for April… April ushers in a time of renewed energy, motivating us to organize the garage, pack away winter mittens and clear out corner cobwebs. April is also a perfect time to give the garden extra attention before the rain descends.

4 Practical Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Every year on April 22nd, people all over the world celebrate Earth Day. This day serves as a reminder of how we can all do our part to preserve the planet. While this is something we should think about throughout the year, this yearly event is a great time to tweak our habits. Here are… Read More >

May Day Baskets

It’s that time of year, for May Day Baskets. Every May 1st, or the first Monday in May, is a holiday that children celebrate here in the Midwest with the sweetest custom: they make homemade baskets. They fill them with flowers and candy and deliver the baskets to neighbors. The gift is anonymous. It’s also… Read More >