How to Grill the Perfect Steak

To us, steak is what should always be for dinner. Unless, of course, it’s not cooked properly. We get it - producing steaks that are perfectly cooked, irresistibly juicy, and full of flavor is hard to do. That’s why we did some research, tested some theories, and came up with these steps that make grilling the perfect steak an achievable goal.


Fishing for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

It’s National Fishing Week and here in New Hampshire we’re celebrating with free fish day on Saturday. That means beginners can try perfecting their cast without the hassle of getting a fishing license. It’s a fun day and it’s how many young anglers get hooked on the sport…including a few in our own company!

Caught the BIG One


Facts You Never Knew About French Fries

Believe it or not, potatoes aren’t native to anywhere in Europe. The spud crop is actually from South America, where it was first domesticated between 8000-5000 BCE in Peru and Bolivia. Eventually, potatoes were introduced to Europe through Spain via explorers who picked them up during their travels. The crop took root throughout the continent and became a major crop – and still is.



Infographic: Finding the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Dads are hard to shop for - no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They hate getting more clothes ("Another tie? Really?") and they are already equipped with every tool in existence. But before you succumb to putting a bow around the latest action flick, take a look at our new collection of Father's Day gifts. They're perfect for Dad because each one is filled with tastes he loves, like gourmet snacks and sweet treats. And, to help you select the right basket, we've put together this infographic which makes shopping for Dad this Father's Day easier than ever.