Resolving the Issue of Resolutions

Alright, so it’s the 29th of January, which means you’ve got 28 taxing days of your resolution under your belt. How’s it going for you? If you’re sticking to it, I salute you, but chances are that like almost everybody else, your goal for the New Year has been deserted.

Resolving the Issue of Resolutions

Maybe that’s because you found gluten hard to abandon after a lifelong romance or realized making it to the gym everyday is impractical given your hectic schedule. But whatever the reason is that your resolution didn’t work out, you’re not alone in this fiasco. It seems that on the first of the year, we are all setting ourselves up for failure because we refuse to be honest with ourselves.

That’s why we should resolve to set better resolutions.


GGB Goes to Girls Inc.

I’d be a liar if I said that my childhood dream was to be a writer. While, some kids have a strong sense of direction, my career paths were always fleeting, varying month to month, with the exception of a year-long period when I wanted to be the Little Mermaid.


As I got older, I realized that it wasn’t the things I wanted to be when I was younger that had stuck with me. Instead, it was the things I was exposed to through my childhood education that I found the most compelling. At home, my parents had constantly read to me, forcing me to fall in love with worlds and people outside the comfort of my suburban life. In elementary school, we had a special talk about art once a week, exposing me to new ideas and outlets for creative expression. And as the looming date of entering college drew near, I realized that I had a choice: be a writer or an artist?

Initially, I made the wrong decision, suffered through three painful years of art college, and eventually understood that I was not cut out for visual arts. Since I was still writing diligently in a journal, decided to execute Plan B and pursue a literary degree.


Smell and Memory


Yesterday I was brought back to a memory of being ten years old and I had just moved from a concrete urban environment that smelled like bus exhaust to a verdant suburb that smelled like fresh, cut grass. On Saturday mornings, all the men were out mowing their new suburban lawns. Now I closed my eyes and I was ten years old again and playing with my friends in the yard.


Work at Home Tips


I work at home in a second floor apartment in a “quiet” tree-lined suburban community where apartments are the exception. My home office looks out on private homes on two sides.