The Makings of a Hawaiian BBQ Burger

It’s still very much the beginning of summer, so I’m just getting into my grilling groove. I’m convinced the grill has some sort of magical power. You throw just about any type of food on there and the grill transforms it into something even more delicious than it would have tasted using traditional stovetop/oven cooking. Skewers of veggies and meat, bbq chicken, marinated steak, pizza, the list goes on! And let’s not forget the all-American, honest to goodness burger – it’s a classic for a reason.

Burgers can be prepared in countless ways and can be easily enhanced depending on the toppings you select – take the burger above for instance. With a few twists on a typical cheeseburger, you’ve got yourself a Hawaiian Barbecue Burger! Let’s dive in and I’ll show you just how I created it.

How to Grill Pizza

Do you love to make pizza at home? When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven! The grill is a perfect alternative, and pizza is one of those unexpected foods that taste great cooked on the grill. Here’s how to do it:

The Best Snacks for a Summer Road Trip

Nothing says “summer” quite like a good road trip! But with long hours in the car, you’re bound to get hungry. While you can always stop at a restaurant on the way to your destination, this isn’t always practical. Here are some ideas for snacks to pack for your summer road trip to keep hunger at bay:

Kick Your Grilling Game Up a Notch

Sometimes all a steak needs is some salt and pepper before it hits the grill. Other times, you want to infuse the meat with some additional flavors or want to impress your friends at a barbecue with some amped up dishes. Lucky for you, our collection of grilling baskets comes with some truly gourmet rubs, spice blends, and sauces.

I set out to test two products that we carry – Stonewall Kitchen’s Sriracha Teriyaki sauce and Urban Accent’s Peri Peri & Lemon Veggie Roaster.