Fun Things to Do for the Summer with Your Family

Summer is here again and you’re already trying to figure out how to entertain your family and make this the best summer yet. What to do can depend on a lot of things, such as where you live and how old your kids are. Nevertheless, we have compiled a unique list of summer activities that will hopefully provide the entertainment and relaxation you crave.

Read a Book

Before you stop reading because you think this is a common summer activity, Read a Book with your family! You watch TV as a family, why not turn the TV off and read a book together. Each of you can take a turn reading and experience something that families used to do before the television.

Cook a Meal

Cook a Meal with your family, now you’re catching on! You can either cook the whole meal together or give each member of the family a different dish to prepare, like a family pot luck.

Play a Board Game

Board games can be a blast and there are so many to choose from. Some of my favorite memories as a child were playing board games with my family, don’t let your kids miss out on this experience.

Go to a Restaurant

I know, it isn’t a very unique thing to do. Make it unique by only ordering appetizers or go to a Mexican restaurant and try something you’ve never had. Don’t forget a Margarita for yourself!

Build a Campfire

There is nothing like sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows with your family. If you can’t do it at your house, there are many parks that will allow you to.

Build Tents

This is certainly an activity that most kids partake in at some point but kick it up a notch. Turn your living room or patio into a giant tent and have a fun family evening and sleep over.

Create a Sport

Many sports need too many people to participate so make up your own. You would be surprised by the ideas you can come up with as a family, even if you only have a bounce ball to work with.

Go to a Museum

There are museums all over the place. I bet there is even a museum in your town that you have never been to. They aren’t too expensive and who doesn’t like an educational activity for the family.

Adopt an Activity

Everyone likes to do different things, embrace that. Give each family member a turn in choosing the activity everyone will participate in. You will obviously have to give your kids some parameters to work around but I will let you figure that one out.

Have a Holiday

Besides July 4th and Labor Day, there isn’t a big holiday during the summer that everyone looks forward to. Have a Thanksgiving in August or just create a reason to give gifts and make up your own holiday.

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