Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

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I’ll go out on a limb here and say that most men aren’t head-over-heels for frivolous heart-adorned knick-knacks nor do they delight at the thought of sporting sweaters with cherub appliqués. So, instead of giving him something he’ll have to pretend to like on Valentine’s Day, take a look at this list of ideas. These gifts are things that are useful year-round and anything but devoid of romance.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

1. Books

Alright, so your man may not be into Nicholas Sparks’ newest tear-fest (shocker), but a non-romantic story can still be made romantic in two ways: Firstly, as long as it’s written on a subject he loves, it’ll show that you pay attention – even if he’s not an avid reader – and that’s romantic. Secondly, learn a lesson from your grandma: write a message in the book. Your message should be simple, concise, and somehow tie the book into it (i.e. explain why you got it in the first place). It adds sentimental value to the book and who knows, ten years down the road, he may still have it.

2. Movies

Though cuddling on the couch and watching the best new action movie since Die Hard may not come anywhere near your dream date, he’ll probably really enjoy it. Try and find a few films that he’s been coveting, grab some popcorn, and get ready for an action packed night. It might not be the rose petal strewn evening you’d have preferred, but it’s something he’ll love, and doing something you hate for him is romantic.

3. Gourmet Food

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it before: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But the great thing with the gift of gourmet is that it’s a slightly different experience than showing up on his doorstep with a plate of homemade brownies. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking brownies – but if the man likes to cook, he’ll be thrilled with gourmet herbs, salts, peppers, wine, oil, etc. Indulge him with items that may seem a tad frivolous, but that you know he wants.

4. Breakfast

Again with his tummy – but you know it’s true, your guy loves food! However, unlike just “food” breakfast is a meal, which requires planning (i.e. your thoughtfulness), and has the ability to be really intimate (ahem, breakfast in bed). Just remember to go all out by making mimosas, Bellinis, or the like and don’t you dare forget the bacon.

5. Clothing

If you’ve only been together for a few weeks, clothing is a bit risky. However, after 6 months or so, you’re in the clear when it comes to clothes, so long as you avoid anything overly Valentine’s Day-esque. How many guys do you know who wear heart-adorned sweaters? Not a single one. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that your gift has to be a red knit or covered with floral print. Find something you know he’ll love whether it’s a new cashmere sweater or a jacket he’s been eyeing from this favorite label.

6. Cufflinks

Unlike jewelry, which most guys hate, cufflinks are a great gift because they’re really unique – just like him – and are available in every price range. That said, you can get away with cufflinks no matter what stage your relationship is in. Try to tailor your gift to make it more personal. If he’s crazy for baseball, you can find cufflinks made from his favorite team’s stadium’s old seats. Basically anything – vintage railroad nails, antique typewriter keys, buffalo nickel coins, bullets – can be a set of cufflinks.

7. Massage

Your man has a lot got going on, so it’s no wonder that he gets tense every now and then. Unless you’re a certified masseuse, avoid giving him a massage yourself (it can often have the opposite effect). Instead, book him a relaxing day at a local spa or, if you think he may benefit from multiple visits, get him gift certificates for a few appointments. More often than not, if you buy massages in packages, they’re cheaper.

8. Sports Equipment

Okay, okay, a Louisville Slugger may not have the look of a dozen roses, but you can get a sweet message engraved on its handle – and that definitely lasts longer than some fragrant blooms. Plus, every time he plays baseball, he’ll be reminded of you. Hands down, a gift like that is more romantic than something that’s been done a hundred times before.

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