Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

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Unsure of what to get your leading lady for the 14th? Well, what she wants – what she always wants – is to feel special. That said, a Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to break the bank or be super planned out. (Contrariwise, if you think that a heart-shaped box of chocolates from the drugstore will make her swoon, think again.) You need to remind her that you’re romantic. That you think she’s beautiful. And that you’d like her to sick around. It sounds hard, but trust us – we know good gifts. Get ready to sweep her off her feet with these Cupid-approved ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Roses with a Card

No matter how overdone red roses may be, women still love receiving them. They’re beautiful, elegant, and romantic (basically everything she wants her relationship to be). Yet at the same time, roses are also completely unoriginal and thoughtless…unless, that is, you have a card. A card totally eliminates thoughtlessness and is original – no one says those sweet words better than you. To boot, your card will be a gift that lasts decades, whereas her flowers will be lucky to survive a week.


How many hours did she spend on the couch next to you watching football this season? Probably too many. It’s time for you to return the favor, lover. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to watch something with her that she’ll love even though you might not. An opera, play, or romantic film are all great choices. What’s more is that your sacrificial act creates a memory that will last a lifetime.

Weekend Away

Obviously if you’ve been dating for a few weeks, a weekend away is probably more frightening than romantic (it’s right up there with meeting the parents). However, after an appropriate duration together, whisking her away for 48 hours is a romantic way to escape the mundane and spend quality time together.


She’s a busy lady! And after all the running around and crazy holiday stress wearing off, a soothing, relaxing massage will be well received. Unless you’re a masseuse, don’t try a home remedy. Instead, book her an appointment (or multiple ones) at a swanky spot for some serious R&R.

Spa Day

Tra la la la la! Every woman deserves to feel like a princess, especially your lovely lady. Along the same lines as getting a massage, a day at the spa may be just what the doctor ordered for your gal. She may not be able to justify buying herself one due to a hectic schedule and a flashy price tag, but that’s where you come in, prince charming. Treat her to some much deserved time alone to regroup and relax.


Dresses and tops and skirts – oh my! Picking out clothes can appear to be a pretty daunting task, but it’s not really as hard as it seems. Sure, those creepily posed mannequins and super bright florescent lights are unsettling, but you can do this. Just make your way into a store she loves and find items that are similar to things she already has (but obviously not the same exact thing). In the end, it’s truly the thought that counts. Even if you get it completely wrong, she’ll know that braving a department store and poking around in the women’s section wasn’t your idea of a Saturday well spent.


We all love to smell good, but it sure costs us. At well over a hundred dollars for many sinful sprays, the latest designer scent might be hard for her to justify buying. And while picking a specific perfume seems overwhelming with so many options, it’s almost impossible to get wrong.


Depending on how long you’ve been together, this could be a slippery slope. Of course, at any stage of your relationship, she’ll love jewelry, but you don’t want to shock her with a rock after a matter of weeks. Use your best judgment. If you feel uncomfortable getting her a ring of any kind, opt for a bracelet or earrings. They’re truly lovely gifts without any implications.

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