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What is QuickGiftTM?

QuickGiftTM is a propriety platform created by and for that provides customers the ability to have their recipients verify their preferred shipping addresses before their gifts are shipped.

How Does QuickGiftTM Work?

QuickGift Workflow

Why is QuickGiftTM the Best for Me?

QuickGiftTM takes away your worry about whether or not you are sending your gift to the right location. will generate an email to your recipient with a link to their gift to verify their address.

Not only will they be aware that you’re sending them a gift, they’ll also tell us which shipping address to send it to guarantee a smooth delivery!

When Can QuickGiftTM Come in Handy?

• When you’re unsure if a recipient is working from the office or home
• Engaging with prospects to create opportunities for engagement
• When you know someone moved but can’t recall their exact address

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