STEP 1: Set up a Corporate Account

  • To set up an account with, contact Tim Myers by phone at 866-842-1050 ext. 261 or by email at
  • Once your account set up has been confirmed, you can proceed to step 2.

STEP 2: Fill out Form Below

  • Note: Requests will not be processed through this site unless you have followed Step 1 and received confirmation that your account has been set up.

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Client Gifts:
  • Any price range over $300,000 gets the large popcorn box of 10 flavors.
  • Any price range under $299,000 gets 1-gallon, 3 flavor popcorn tin (if a client is out of state or works from home, send tin regardless of price range).
  • Once client completes survey send out ticket pack.
Client Referrals:
  • THANK YOU Cookie Cake sent to work of client they day the referral is received.
Realtor Gifts:
  • After meeting, call 2 days later and offer 2 tickets from ticket pack to offer to clients.
  • After realtor refers you their first client, good or bad, send them the popcorn tin to their office which notes that the next three clients get $500 off closing costs.

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