Katie Straw

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Katie Straw

Katie Straw is a lady, scholar, and connoisseur of fine boxed wine. After spending the first decade of her life in the Garden State (no fist pumps, please), she relocated to New Hampshire (because New Jersey wasn’t new enough for her anymore).

She attended Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine and began to pursue a degree in Illustration at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. After 3 painful years at art school, Katie realized it was probably not good that she enjoyed her English classes more than those pertaining to her major. So, she transferred to the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a BFA in English.

She now resides in Manchester, New Hampshire where she pretends to go running every morning (but really just shops and punches keys on her typewriter). Her typewriter is probably her favorite thing. If she had to take a single item out of her burning apartment, it would be her Smith Corona. This was a gift from her beloved brother, Jake, for her birthday one year and she finally figured out how to change the ribbon (it’s been 3 years).

She worships Audrey Hepburn, is in love with Yves Saint Laurent, drinks a lot of water, and has an obsession with pizza. Remember those college days when it was cool to eat pizza in the morning? She still thinks that’s okay. Don’t tell her otherwise, it’ll ruin her day.

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