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Sending Food & Comfort from Our Family to Yours

Fruit Gift Towers

How many people do you know who will choose pressed flowers instead of freshly picked blooms? Canned corn over corn on the cob? Frozen pizza rather than one from the Italian place down the street? We’ll go out on a limb and say not too many. That’s because people really enjoy the freshest of things, like fruits. The fruits in our gift towers are the freshest in the world. Really. They’re handpicked in orchards all over the world and shipped to us daily, ensuring that only the most beautiful, ripe fruits make it into our baskets.

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Famously Fresh

Thanks a Bunch

If you need to find a great corporate gift, look no further. Our fruit towers are the perfect way to show your thanks to clients and associates.

Ripe Year Round

Some fruits are hard to get during the cold months. But, as previously stated, ours are shipped from all over the world so no matter what season it is, we’ve got the freshest fruits there are, making them perfect for Christmas. And, you know, it’s not like our gift towers are comprised only of healthy delights. With gourmet snacks and premium dried nuts, they’ll be able to indulge around the holidays (that’s why we have New Year’s resolutions…).

Harvested Hope

When people go through hard times, it’s helpful to know that someone cares. Our fruit gift towers are perfect for helping them feel better because they’re stocked with delicious, gourmet foods that bring them hope.

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