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Classic Gardening Gift Basket
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Classic Gardening Gift Basket - (RETIRED)

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Our Classic Gardening Gift Baskets are the perfect gift for your gardener. Each of these gardening gifts includes an attractive, reusable, nylon gardening tote bag that contains hand-picked gourmet snacks like Feridies Peanuts, East Shore Dipping Pretzels, Robert Rothschild Farms Raspberry Honey Mustard Dip, Peanut Butter Crunch, Fuji Apple Chips, and our own Metropolitan Trail Mix. We also included a shovel, sheers, a hand fork, a weeder and a pair of Go Green Coated Bamboo Gloves to protect hands from hours of work in the garden. So, if you have a gardener on your gift list, send one of our Classic Gardening Gift Baskets and know that they will not be disappointed!

What's Inside?

· Brown and Green Leaf Garden Tote - This durable nylon tote will take up residence in their garden and stay for years.
· Gardening Hand Tools - Inside we've included a trowel, sheers, a hand fork, and a weeder that will all provide years of dependable service.
· Go Green Coated Bamboo Gloves by GO Gloves - These industrial strength gloves are also organic, washable, and biodegradable.
· Dipping Pretzels by East Shore Specialty Foods - 6 oz. - East Shore’s Dipping Pretzels are perfect for use with the Robert Rothschild Farms Raspberry Honey Mustard Dip or as a stand-alone snack.
· Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip by Robert Rothschild Farms - 7.8 oz. - This gourmet honey mustard dip is a perfect match for the dipping pretzels that we have included in these gardening gift baskets.
· Salted Peanuts by Feridies - 7 oz. - These lightly salted peanuts are so fresh, they could be grown right in your own garden, if you had planted peanut plants, that is.
· Metropolitan Trail Mix by - 4 oz. - This flavorful and nutritious mix of cranberries, peanuts, almonds, raisins, pineapple, and papaya is at home in the office, living room, and the garden.
· Butter Peanut Crunch by Old Dominion Peanut Co. - 4 oz. - Fresh butter and brown sugar transform roasted peanuts into this delectable treat.
· Fuji Apple Chips by Bare Fruit - 2.6 oz. - Flavorful Fuji apples from Washington state are dried without preservatives, sugar, or additives for a healthy snack.


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