Christmas Tales and Poems

Christmas Tales and Poems

Christmas is a time for good cheer, family and friends, and tradition. One of the oldest holiday traditions is the recital of Christmas stories and poems. Sharing these stories and poems with loved ones in the days and weeks before the holiday helps to create the feeling of Christmas. Stories and poems, many traditional and some contemporary, bring back the magic of Christmas that people experienced as children, before Christmas became a time of stress, financial concern, and weariness.

By invoking the spirit of Christmases past, it is possible to forget the holiday stress, at least for a little while. Sharing Christmas stories and poems with loved ones is one of the best ways to celebrate at get-togethers. Bringing back these traditions, including family caroling, is a wonderful way to bring families closer and to remember what the holidays are really about.

There are several great resources on the internet for Christmas stories and poems. Many sites offer classical and contemporary stories or poems, and a few are full of humorous versions of much-loved favorites. These stories are a part of what makes Christmas such a special holiday, and the pages below can help you to share them with your own family.

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